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human lard and body part usage in the cosmetics industry

A story from the most recent Fortean Times: a group captured in Peru killing people to harvest their body fat, supposedly to sell it for $9000 a litre on the international black market. FT understandably focus on the, perhaps more likely, idea that it is the survival of pre-Columbian practices of human sacrifice. Could be, but consider the other occasions the cosmetics industry has taken part in symbolical or actual human sacrifice.

There is, for example, Skin Medica, Oprah's face skin which incorporates foreskin fibroblasts. Taken from the circumcised boy children found in America.

There is also the practice related in the "Stem Cell Swindle" documentary by the BBC, where a Ukrainian maternity hospital was telling mothers their children had died, when the fact was that the doctors had killed them and harvested their bone marrow so that stem cells could be extracted and put into the faces of wealthy wrinklies at dodgy Caribean clinics. The EU investigation found a mass grave of the dismembered children.

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BBC Documentary

Radio 4's Document: about WWII brainwashing. I'll get round to posting about it soon.

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Sympathy for the Devil

Today I want to talk about a much maligned man, a man probably, whatever Khalid bin Mahfouz might say - the most slandered and libelled man alive today. Assuming that he is still alive, of course, which may be doubtful.

That man, of course, is Osama bin Laden.

I should point out that I don't at all believe the official party line we've all been fed about his being a mad and dangerous fundamentalist living the goatherd life up in the Hindu Kush. The man is not an ascetic. He's a multimillionaire, a playboy, a member of the Saudi elite. This might play into the support for the official line, as the Saudi elite have been painted as Wahhabist madmen, but thats not really true either. Those who have studied the Cathars of medieval France may recognise the pattern: a gang of prohibitionist, Puritan religious fanatics who forbade any sexual activity at all but whose leaders, in secret from their followers, practiced unspeakable sexual perversions amongst themselves. So it is in Arabia: the normal people are religious, the elites employ repressive security aparatii to keep them that way, but the elites themselves are drug-addled murderous kiddie-fiddlers.

There's a woman called Kola Boof, a Somali I believe but raised by Americans, who found herself back in Africa working as an actress and being kidnapped into sexual slavery by ObL. Might not sound like a defence of him, but I'm defending him against the common slurs, not putting him forward for sainthood. This was long after his nominal conversion to fundamentalism but the man she was with when she first encountered Osama, a date of hers who was a footballer, described him as "Arab mafia", not a fundamentalist. And the description of him there is that of a "gangbanger" (as she calls him) hanging loose with his crew. His posse. I'm not entirely familiar with this jargon, but I think that's right.

Right or not, it reminds me of someone else: Mo Atta, described in Welcome to Terrorland by the staff of a restaurant who served him as all blinged up. They assumed he was a mafioso. And of course, through Wally Hilliard and the seperate testimony of his then stripper moll Amanda Keller, Atta was implicated in the supply of illegal drugs, a known mafia activity.

So my position on bin Laden is this, he wasn't a terrorist in the usual sense, he wasn't a fundamentalist, he probably didn't even know 9/11 was going to happen, although he may have done. He certainly wasn't the brains behind it. He's a patsy. He's Lee Harvey Oswald. He's Barry Seal. He's an intelligence agent who doesn't realise the plan of his handlers is to implicate him for their crimes and for him to pay the penalty. But there are no Soviets or Cubans or Columbian cartels this time to take the ultimate blame, so he's left on the loose, more or less, in his little Kush cave, to provide a continuing spectre of menace.

So have some sympathy, he's a man who's been used and abused then dumped in a cave, far away from the dope and pussy and modern amenities he's so fond of.

Certainly his career follows a similar trajectory to that of Seal and Oswald. Those two became involved in the intelligence world at an early age in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol under paedophile, bishop, hypnotist, cancer-researcher, gun runner and intelligence agent David Ferrie's tutelage. Barry took to the air like a duck to water and spent the next three decades, give or take, flying drugs, guns, explosives and anything else to and from Cuba, Arkansas, South America.

Oswald went into the armed forces, was taught how to speak Russian and put in air traffic control radar for the U2. Then, the theory goes, he was sent to Russia as a faux defector to give them the ability to shoot down the U2 and scupper Eisenhower's peace notions. Between army and defection he'd worked at an intel-linked photo analysis business. After defection he waltzed back into America without so much as a by-your-leave, started working with the anti-Castro Cubans with their known intelligence links, for Bannister, for del Charro linked companies and so on. Even while he was in Russia people were using his name and papers to lay a false paper trail for him. His entire adult life he moved in a web of intrigue.

So it is with old Osama. He grew up the scion of a rich family, albeit the youngest son by an unfavoured wife, and he did what his equivalent in the west would do, the Old Etonian domination of MI6, the Yale domination of the CIA and so forth. He went into intelligence, back when it was the done thing for the Saudi rich to support the Mujahids in Afghanistan. He was young and enthusiastic, he got a bit more involved than most and went to visit their quaint little training camps. Got himself onto the CIA's database of supporters, The Base aka al-Qaeda. During this period he must have made ties with his fellow intelligence agents and anti-Soviets in the CIA. He later bragged to Boof that he had been a psychic spy and an agent trainer for the CIA, the latter claim at least not being far from his official role of recruitment and logistics.

After that he went back to his playboy, dope fiend lifestyle, living it up like the mafiya he was, wives and molls and terrorist covert ops buds all over the place. Even tried to set up as a businessman. A right little James Bond. Stayed in touch with his family, although they were later forced to deny it. Kept receiving money from the Saudi government, although they claimed to have revoked his passport.

Then his covert ops group was hung out to dry by the US over the embassy bombings, whether he was really behind them or not is immaterial, and he was sent to the world's biggest Agency safe house and open-air drug den: Afghanistan. Forced to STAY there. Forced to smuggle cameras past the Taleban, who were not in fact particularly fond of the foreign forces on their soil, whoever they were really working for, because those bearded worthies feared the theft of their souls.

I'm guessing he didn't get so much pussy from then on.

But the Agency kept him safe. When the Talibs tried to extradite him for the embassy bombings, America bombed them. When they tried the same thing after 9/11? Bombed 'em again. A message was being sent: when we say "we want to bring him to justice", we don't mean "we want to bring him to justice". So, the Talibs go tthe message. Between the two they kept him safe.

It may surprise some to know that there were differences between "al-Qaeda" (the bin Laden special ops group) and the Taleban, the government of Afghanistan. Now they were fundamentalists. They have no history of doping, whoring, or living la vida loca. They were ascetics. They seized power because they were popular. They were a small group of students who rode a wave of popular discontent into power as a result of two incidents of children being kidnapped into sexual slavery by warlords. I'm naturally in sympathy with a gang of bearded, Spartan teetotalers. This is what led to their downfall. They thought they had enough power to force the warlords to stop the drug trade as well as the kiddie-fiddling. They almost totally eliminated heroin production in their part of Afghanistan. That, I believe, was their ultimate mistake.

Nearly every American war centres on drugs, the rest on oil. Somalia - oil. Vietnam - drugs. Kosovo - drugs. To stamp out drugs was to America what a red flag is to a bull. Afghanistan, the producer now of 90% of the world's heroin, is an obvious candidate. Again. The part of Afghanistan not under Taleban control had maintained its role in the drug trade. So, I believe one of the factors behind 9/11 was to evict the Taleban and restart drug production. To free the paedophile narco war lords from the religious dictatorship of the Taleban.

This is something that confused me. Assuming ObL was involved in 9/11: why? The connections Hopsicker has uncovered are unquestionable, but they're all drug lords, fraudsters, and those who protect such people. Money. Why would this gang of swindlers and "legitimate businessmen" get involved in terrorism? I can see why the CIA might, and these people are all affiliates to that sort fo intelligence meta-group, but still. But this is why: a 90% state in the global heroin trade. Afghanistan now produces more than it did before the Taleban decided to ruin the party, mostly under the control of the brother of the "president" of Afghanistan and his mate Dostum the War Lord.

Paedophiles, drug dealers, terrorists, intelligence agents. We just need some old SS men and the party would be complete. Reminds me of the Cocaine Coup. Speaking of Nazis, the Nazis were notorious sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood. Otto Skorzeny went to work in the Arab world after the war, too. And as long ago as the first world war the Kaiser was putting about rumours that he was a Muslim to try ot gain war supporters. Then the Germans started all that trouble in Bosnia, which ObL's al-Qaeda group was deep in. That was the BND, of course, the successors of the Gehlen Org. Then there were all those German neo-Nazis involved in the OKC bombing with Mujahid Menepta/Melvin Lattimore and the rest of the Arab connection.

On the subject of Hospicker, he's recently linked Hilliard and the SRI, which was used for both psychic and mind control experiments by the CIA and company. Then we have ObL's aforementioned claims of working as a CIA psychic spy. Maybe he was just chatting up the girls with his big war talk. Chances are psychic spying doesn't work anyway, at least that's what notorious Satanist Michael Aquino claims.

So don't blame ObL, he was just doing his job. And where would we be without him? There's a literary reference I'm not well enough read to know of: a monk hears someone say "el diablo est muerte" and says "God no!".

And don't fall for any us vs them rhetoric either. Remember 9/11: not the evil muslims do, but the meeting between GWB's dad and ObL's brother. When they're talking to you, them is the muslims, but when they're in those meetings them is you. Fascist patriotism. When Franco was accusing the Spanish Republic of betraying Spain and claiming do defend Spain himself, he was using Fascist patriotism. The image of patriotism without the reality. Franco had his Italian aeroplanes, his German tanks, his Morrocan soldiers flown to Spain in British aeroplanes fueled by American oil companies who had redirected shipments from the legitimate government, and supported by the Vatican, and later with weapons brought through Portugal to avoid blockade.

What is lacking is sign of any local support at all, despite the nationalist rhetoric and eventual "Nationalist" title. Even the rural, conservative, right wing Basques fought against him. One of the reasons for the three year long civil war, as opposed to the planned immediate coup (and ultimate the reason for the African troops of Franco) was the reluctance of the Spanish troops to fight. Some were told they were on a drill, not a coup. Others had to be got drunk before being sent out so they wouldn't realise what they were doing. It at least one place they changed sides, in others the refused to fight and handed out weapons to civilians or were easily overcome by armed trade unionists.

But now I'm a fair way from ObL.

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Acer Aspire Sound Solutions

Not a normal blog post but I have had great difficulty on occasion finding solutions to my Ubuntu problems (although it was much harder as a novice ten years ago with dial up and command-line only slackware, of course). So should anyone else have the same problem, how to get the built in mic working on an Acer Aspire laptop, they may google and find this.

Might not work for them, but even so. I've seen plenty of other explanations, but none of them worked for me.

Open Volume Control, which should be a speaker icon in the top taskbar, click preferences, tick any unticked boxes with "recording" or "options" next to them, which in my case means having three under recording and two "input"s under options. Next, as some of the other fixes state, increase volume on "capture" and "capture 1" under the recording tab (which should have appeared by now) but if you put both to max expect inexplicable white noise, so don't. Click, if necessary, the little mics next to the speakers below the sliders so they don't have the little red crosses on them. You'll have to do this, it would seem, every time you want to record something, I haven't found out how to avoid that yet. Finally there are two options under "options", both labelled input. with the options "mic" and "front mic". Make the top one front mic and the bottom one mic, if you do it the other way around it squeals.

Should do it. Might not.

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How do banks run out of money?

An old truism long forgotten: banks don't fail without fraud.

In the S&L period this was remembered, although it didn't stop that Bush having it away with four hundred million dollars. This time around, although a large number of the world's leading finanacial institutions have now been nationalised having wasted all their money, no-one seems to suspect that the money has gone anywhere suspicious. Money lost, they say, not money stolen. But all money lost is money gained by someone else.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, for example, loaned several milliards (thousand millions) to a russian chap called Lebedev who now owns the Evening Standard. Not a penny was ever paid back, nor is it being sought through the courts now that the government owns the bank and the russian is a media mogul. That's how billionaires become billionaires and banks go bankrupt.

HBOS, another one gone into the custody of the state,;, a single branch lost £250 million, not through incompetence but by forcing companies out of business, largely by lending them money then forcing them to pay fees to companies associated with the branch manager (and defence contractor EADS). The Reading branch, the manager of which, one Lynden Scourfield, evidently took suitcases of cash and the services of ladies of dubious repute from the managers of these companies, notably one David Mills, not the same Mills formerly married to Tessa Jowell, proprietor of a company called Quayside who billed themselves as "turnaround specialists" and were in receipt of forced payments from the clients of the bank. Payments were taken from the accounts of clients of the bank to pay off Quayside even when the law prohibited it. Companies were required to hire Quayside as a condition of their loans, and to appoint Quayside staff to their boards.

The biggest of these scams, draining the bank of over £100 million was a Manx luxury jet company, which had an approved overdraft of only £800,000. There were few if any paying customers and yet the company, pushed by Quayside, branched out into luxury yacht rentals. Similar, now I think about it, to Hilliard's enterprise Florida Air, a plane company with no legit business based in the Manx tax haven, home to various semi-private intel outfits, such as a company which prints money for third world countries. Literally, makes the bank notes. It went bust, having supposedly burned through over £100 million in less than a year and, at the end of it all, only a single jet could be seized to pay debts to the bank.

The yacht, you'll be glad to know, had been in Mister Mills' name all along and stayed very much in his hands. In fact, never had it a single paying customer for rental.

Certainly a lot of money was pissed away, but plenty went properly missing too. Other companies were driven out of business only for their assets to be bought at fire sale prices by the Quayside boys.

It's true as the late Postman Patel used to say that the banks had pissed their money away in dividend payments back when they were pretending to make profits, thereby dispersing their capital, but it's equally true that people inside the banks have been filling their boots for many a moon. The big government hand outs will only encourage them.


A couple of scandals which are hardly surprising but don't get any coverage:

Patsy Hewitt's kid, a coke head.

Tessa Jowell, whose husband took the big Italian bribe, made a habit for a while of paying of her mortgage in cash then re mortgaging. Suitcases full of cash? Given that the police can seize any amount over £1000 held in cash until a magistrate can be convinced it's of legitimate provenance and banks are required to initiate money laudering investigations for amounts over £4000, perhaps it's relevant that such investigations of likely to be investigated in inverse proportion to the size of the cash deposit. Well, at leas tshe didn't claim it on expenses.

Remember why tarzan started shaving? I never bothered.

the man who paid the men who stare at goats

I don't know if you know this, but that Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation refered to in the Chinese press release as signing a deal with the SRI isn't a local provincial concern, but the self-proclaimed "World's Local Bank" HSBC, plc.. The company was founded in the aftermath of the opium wars, on territory won in those wars, and largely ran as a funder for the opium trade in its early years. Sutherland, the accepted founder of the bank, was also on the board of P&O shipping line, which at that time was importing opium into China.

HSBC also owns the Midland Bank, formerly renowned as MI6's bank of choice.

On an unrelated note there's a very interesting bit in the third part of the Evidence of Revision series about Murchison's Hotel del Charro and its links to Nixon, Marcello, Hoover, DH Byrd (described as a "Murchison underboss"), and so on.

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ev of rev

On an unrelated note there's a very interesting bit in the third part of the Evidence of Revision series about Murchison's Hotel del Charro and its links to Nixon, Marcello, Hoover, DH Byrd (described as a "Murchison underboss"), and so on.

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coincy-dink theorismalisationarialising part four

Coincidences may be just happenstance, or cosmic synchronicities, or, as Garrison said, that when coincidence piles on coincidence in a case, he knows he's looking at the evidence of an intelligence operation.

My breaks, upon my little bmx that I rode lo, those many years ago, were cut on the side of a hill, when I was but young. A bit of a puzzle, in fact, because there was nothing that could have cut them and, as anyone who has tried will know, cutting the break cables on a push bike isn't easily done. Obviously the intelligence services wouldn't have any interest in me, but conspiracies can be found closer to home too. I'm not suggesting, though, that I was intended as a Downardian pharmakos, although I've remarked before on the similarities of our lives.

9/11, which is to say 11/9/01, was the new Ethiop millenium. The Ethiopics have a peripheral but enigmatic role in history, home of Prester john, claimed home of the Ark of the Covenant and so forth. Obviously it was also the anniversary of the killing of that nice Mr Allende, not to mention the laying of the first stone of the Pentagon and the Bush I NWO speech and various other things.

The men who stare at goats - goats, that is, who were sacrificed to save solders. Through their use in medical training, admittedly, but still, another pharmakos perhaps.

Himmler's great chair redirects on wiki to a partially related article which never mentions the chair (which is currently on sale, it would seem). Not 100% sure what it's doing on this list, to be honest.

voynich kircher. Don't know what they means, but it sounds promising, doesn't it? Should have put a bit more on these notes. Athanasius and Meredith Kircher, probably.

A little thing, but there are caves under neith, a place in Wales, which have been linked to the Shaver mystery. The coincidence here being that the word is essentially "underneath". I believe Neath was also some sort of goddess of the underworld. Meh.

Buzz Aldrin was famously a 33rd degree Mason - Downard claimed one of the main aims of occultist Masonry was to bring prima materia to prima terra, which he interprets as the retrieval of moon rocks to the earth.

The ancients said the atlantic was blocked to shipping with mud, and that the land on the far side (America) worshipped Saturn. A veritable temple land for the usurped one. Not quite satan, but when one considers that Set, acknowledged to be etymologically and theologically related to Sathan/Satan, was also portrayed in the earliest Egyptian texts as the former ruler usurped by Horus (and at least one early dynasty Pharoah followed Set rather than Horus) it seems that they may be related more than just sounding similar. Of course Christianity doesn't portray Satan as usurped by God, but I dare say if the tale was told by the devil that's pretty much how it would sound. And americas destiny according to hall, of course. The special destiny. And why not, a land specially consecrated to the vengeful spectre of the filth of unholyness.

Mercury, the metal, is reportedly used in the transmutation of matter (Not the first, Andrew Tomas), the manufacture of hypothetical (or suppressed) room-temperature super-conductors and the manfuacture, according the ancient vedic texts, of vimanas (and according to those who claim to know, of alien space craft, see Alien Base by timothy Good which retails a claim that mercury and balsa wood will make you a nice interplanetary space craft.

The names Robin and Jack. Robin used for Goodfellow, Hood, and of course the caped crusaders masked companion, played in the TV series by notorious sex maniac Burt Ward. Jack used for Springheeled and The Ripper Jacks, not the mention as a synonym for a whore, the name of a porn mag (now defunct) and as another word for apprentice, a masonic rank, as in Jack of all trades. Oh, and there's a Jack in the deck of cards, one in each suit, the cards having an occultic origin.

Nottingham, supposedly for I don't believe this to be true, has six women for every man (according to news reports joking about the arrival of the footballer Sol Campbell, forgetting their former specualtions as to his sexuality). Used to be said to be five, when I was young. Senellocu, place of the caves, was the Welsh name for it back when there were Welshmen in these parts.

drew thornton 9/11/85. Another 9/11. "Company" man killed on this day.

Remember to tell yourself paedophiles don't run the world and this isn't a "paedophocracy". Malachi Martin, before his inevitable death, claimed the Vatican was secretly run by a "superforce", as he called it, of crooks who number amongst their perversions and criminal acts, paedophilia. I can believe the Vatican is behind paedophilia. Not so sure about the secretly part, mind. Malachi Martin, of course, was famous as an exorcist. Looking at Hopsciker's "big fix" we also find paedo vote fixing, with one of those dodgy vote-counting companies America is so fond of being run by a kiddie fiddler.

Tate, of manson family fame, dinner with rfk just before death and sirhan/manson cell sharing their specially made cell. Not at the same time, of course.

oswald landlady ruth paine and the 9/11 landlords - no-one follows the old dictum of following the money. An army marches on its stomach, but a covert op needs covert premises and logistical support.

The first US/Soviet co-production for the cinema was a version of Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird, a story with mind control connotations, quite apart from the CIA having run a MK Project Blue Bird and Oswald having frequented a club called Bluebird. Another matter: Oswald was reputedly put into a behavioural modification centre during his time in Minsk. Perhaps The Blue Bird wasn't the only US/Soviet co-production.

trust in letters pages revealed by polls and dispatches reveal corruption of those pages by PRers.

911 domain names bought before 911, if i remember rightly.

delgado bull exp earlier than thought

tino de angelis - just like 9/11 those with knowledge in advance sought to make a profit on it. Not though psychotronic technology but throught the perfectly standard technique of the "bust out", as frequently chronicled by the illustrious Hopsicker.

ghosts of mars

There is a film called ghosts of mars, featuring brain-dead pseudo-cockney action movie personage Jason Statham and former shape-shifting alien killer slut Natasha Henstridge as a pair of soldiers in a female dominated future martian society. I only mention it because it has formerly been suggested to me than John Carpenter's other movie, They Live, in which aliens take over the earth (although "maybe they've always been here") and attempt to wipe out those who see through their psychotronic materialistic delusions before being foiled by a pair of commando-killing construction workers who are then killed by a woman they had recruited as help but who was actually an infiltrator for the alienists and the human power elite, was a metaphor for the feminist subversion of civilised society. Never believed that myself, by someone may find it interesting.


9/12 pigeon diana strobe gladio

So says my notes. This is what I have to work with when I come to expand my thoughs. That and the title of the file the notes are in, here "shock".

Well, shock is The Shock Doctrine, although the notes were inspired by a passing reference in a TV programme and the memories of my long ago reading of the book.

MY exact thoughts on the matter escape me for the moment, but a few things are obvious and the linking principle is obvious too.

Gladio, the long international terror campaign by supposedly democratic western governments to terrify their populations into submission and restrict the range of acceptable opinions. diana and strobe, the purported method of that woman's death when her driver may have been traumatised and tereby entraced by the very bright flash of light fired into his eyes by covert operatives on a motorbike driving in front, in a move first used by the Stasi. 9/12 the post-apocalyptic 9/12 project which I have vaguely heard of, evidently run by fox news in a cynical move the constantly evoke the post-disaster panic that was naturally prevalent in most of their viewers at the time, thereby also invoking a child-like and suggestible mindset in those viewers.

Not sure about the pigeon, but as the thread linking the rest is trauma-induced suggestibility I think it's most likely to refer to a story my memory is insisting I once heard about pigeons falling out of the sky after being put into a trauma induced trance by very loud noises.

So there we have it, another note elucidated.

seventh day advent hoppists

They say hope was the last to escape pandora's box, or at least to make a break for it, because hope is the greatest of all evils. I hope those who take solace in hope will look at Obama and come to their senses.

Dreamer of the Day, part one

A few thoughts on the first chapter or so of Dreamer of the Day by Kevin Coogan.

Odd though it may seem that he was a Sovietophile fascist, those who've studied the strategy of tension will recognise the affinity of extreme right and extreme left, both controlled by the same puppet master in the American intelligence services.

When he was captured he was carrying occult works such as a theosophical article and a list of occult book titles. I knew he was a fourth reichist Communite, so I don't suppose this should come as too much of a surprise, but it does.

Author of sado masochistic stories. Again, not a major surprise as we have the example of E Howard Hunt (?) writing stories about witchcraft and various others doing similar things from the elite.

"One aspect of feminism" by himself was found in a notebook he kept and also works by j robert moskin, otto weininger etc. My own personal interest in feminism make this of note. On his arrest a neo-nazi periodical called "women's voice" was to be informed, according to his instructions.

I've written "john gannon" here, but I now realise I should make my notes more comprehensive because I have no idea what it means.


finished once more on the New Deal provision, although now the end is followed by several weeks of the highly inflexible "flexible New Deal". I saw a couple of posh women signing on today, which is something of a rarity. The jobcentre types signing them on were very eager to stress that they had to come and sign on and fill in the forms and so on to help them find work, rather than so they could keep an eye on them. Different approaches for different people. for the posh women they say that and might even mean it. For the likes of me they very definitely want you to think they're keeping an eye on you so you'd better not try owt.

Not much different at A4E, although our local branch has now shut down, despite A4E expanding in the nation as a whole and recently having its arse licked out by Channel 4.

something viewers of that OBN winning "documentary" might have noticed: pictures of the founder, not a particularly picturesque woman, adorning every flat surface with various meaningless slogan stenciled across it. I've got a picture somewhen of one of Saddam's protraits, the type painted on walls and billboards over iraq, but this one has been replaced by GWBush and has a soldier urinating against the mouth.

An odd moment in the "documentary" aforemwentioned, the women running the course took a moment from insulting and harrassing people to use a metaphor, somewhat incompetently, of a butterfly coming from it's crysalis, supposedly an analogous metaphysical transformation to that undergone by someone entering wage slavery. The favourite metaphor of lepidopterist serial killer Hannibal Lecter, of course.

And our branch has another poster: advertising that the church across the road doesn't lkike scum from A4E befouling their steps with our presence during breaks.

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Honeytrap: The Scandal

My usual series of observations on those things I find interesting in a book I've been reading, in this case Honeytrap: The Scandal, by Anthony Summers and Stpehen Dorrill. Dorrill, of course, also wrote MI6 and co-wrote Smear!.

EJ Dingwall parapsychologist, anti-feminist and famed author of The American Woman, get a mention due to his position as curator of the porn collection of Marquess Milford Haven, which may be sinister or may not.

Mariella Novotny, host of the infamous Man in the Mask party and supposed lover of JFK, was related none too distantly to the president of Communist Czechoslovakia, President Novotny. A most interesting character, her husband slash pimp claimed that she was a virgin when he found her due to her being terrified of sex, pursuant to some unspecified trauma during her family's flight from Communism. She was at a party with JFK when the host's girlfriend slashed her wrists. She was also smuggled out of America by the CIA after an arrest for prostitution.

Stephen Ward, whose cottage was exorcised because of the evil things that had taken place there, was allegedly close to Cardinal Montgomery - supposed lover of the short lived Pope John Paul I.

There is a witness account of naked women at an orgy bowing to a phallus in a ritualistic manner, "obviously done before".

Keeler was molested as a child.

William Shepherd MP wrote a letter to MacMillan about the immorality he perceived in the government, "one of these men [cabinet ministers] was involved with children".

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Levenda III

Levenda's Manson Secret

A few interesting facts (Woody Harrelson's dad confessing to shooting JFK while under arrest for the drug-related shooting of a federal judge).

A few basic errors (David Kelly taking a revolver into the woods).

A load of bullshit about induced (but not caused, because it's acausal) synchronicity and how Garrison's "coincidences piling on coincidences" were synchronicity, rather than conspiracy. Etc..

He obviously adheres to the left handed idea that the ego is part of the problem rather than solution, a conclusion I find surprising in view of his knowledge of depth psychology. Oddly he doesn't mention the Biblical mentionings, and those in Fraser, of the destruction of matter by contact with the divine. The divine, as he says, can also be sinister and is extremely dangerous for those who encounter it. In Fraser this is obvious, for example the proscription on pigs originating in the Egyptian belief they were divine. The Bible has the man whose thigh is withered while wrestling with an angle, and the times god appears in burning bushes and so forth because his actual appearance would destroy the witnesses. On page 211 he also mentions that a common occult technique has been tabu sexual practices for their own sake because the breaching of democratic and popular morals gives you powers, supposedly, some parallels there with the tabu breaking SRA practitioners. Nag Hammadi he favours, but it was a tip where obsolete scriptures were disposed of. Hence the almost identical Ethiopic Bible, with the addition of Jasher, Enoch and Jubilees, not Gnostic texts, despite their split from the Romans before Nicea.

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windows on the soul

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I want to ride my

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The very first email I got … was from a women’s group saying ‘We don’t want this stimulus package to just create jobs for burly men. -- Christina Romer, council of economic advisers

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Cecil Adams says:

Conceivably those few might have included some critical applications, except for the second factor, which I offer in all seriousness: Windows is so notoriously unreliable that no one would ever build a life-or-death system around it.

The Register (Scotland) says:

The Royal Navy's plan to fit most of its fleet with command systems based on Windows boxes continues, with the commencement last week of a programme intended to replace the existing commandware of the Service's Type 23 frigates. The Type 23s will make up the majority of the British surface fleet for the foreseeable future.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), HMS Montrose has now entered a planned docking and refit period during which BAE Systems plc will replace her original DNA(1) gear with DNA(2), said to be "based on the system being fitted to the Royal Navy's powerful new Type 45 Destroyers". This means it will be based on fairly everyday hardware running legacy Windows OSes - people who have worked on these programmes inform us that both Win2k and XP will be in use across the fleet.

See also the recent virus infection in the onboard computers of the Eurofighter.

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"we just want to be near the top and have the fun"

From the Myth of the Monstrous Male by John Gordon.


Perhaps the worst book ever written.

terror pics

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aangirfan's education porposals

aangirfan has had some ideas about schooling

1 choice of school

Something the government are very fond of talking up, perhaps anngirfan is a Blairite. Children and parents, as aan-ie puts it, already have a choice of schools. They get to choose a list of their first five choices. Several problems: 1) most areas don't have five schools; 2) schools can only hold so many kids, but all the parents want their kids in the best schools, so they fill up quickly, meaning; 3) all five schools might be full already. What actually happens is that the best schools get more money from the government as a reward for being chosen and the worst schools get less money and so get worse. The rich parents move closer to the best schools, as they generally prioritise by proximity to the school rather than first come first served, so you have a system designed to send more taxpayer money to fund the children of the rich.

So, a bad idea.

2 right to exclude

Teachers can already kick out whoever they want.

3 special schools for disruptive kids

It would be better to integrate them into the body of the class in a less troublesome role, rather than having the feminist teaching gestapo shift pupils they don't like of to schools for the criminally stupid where most of them won't desergve to be. A bit of trouble is a good thing.

4 schools for less academic kids

We already tried that. There's a saying in this country that you can't have grammar schools without having secondary moderns. Grammar schools were the schools for the academic kids who passed the 11-plus exam. Grammar school kids were meant to go to university and eventually to productive professional careers, while the secondary moderns would teach the rest a bit of carpentry and get them out as soon as possible. The public schools, of course, would take the stupid rich who could rely on papa for a job in the City. This system was abolished because it was seen as unfair to decide a child's prospects for the future based on their performance in an hour long exam when they were only 11.

Grammar schools at least produced a generation of intelligent people who were compassionate enough to introduce comprehensives to replace the grammar/secondary modern system. They also didn't discriminate of the grounds of income. A poor kid was more likely to get somewhere by the grammar route than they are now by the comprehensive route.

However, reintroduce the secondary modern is an unlikely rallying cry.

5 leaving age, length of day

He wants to lower the school leaving age and shorten the day. Might be a good idea. I could get on board with that one, maybe.

6 mothers stay at home

If fathers can do it too, it's not too bad.

7 bbc1 to be dedicated to educational programming

This would be Rupert Murdoch's wet dream. The reason BBC4 is so massively intellectual, and therefore less than massively popular, is due to campaigning by the rattled Murdoch Empire, and resultant government pressure.

8 non-profit trusts to take over the running of schools

Another Blairite notion. In schools it was in the form of Education Action Zones and City Academies, both schemes to get private companies to put money into schools in return for being able to run them as they see fit, but without making a profit out of them. I think what aan-ie has in mind is more along the lines of council housing Arms Length Holding Companies and the Commonwealth Development Corporation. The former were designed specifically to take council housing out of democratic control by local councils and have been characterised by rent increases, pay increases for senior management (no longer constrained by civil service pay scales, but able to use their funds as they see fit) and declining standards of the housing under their care. See the massive fraud and intimidation scandal at Sunderland Housing Group, which has dedicated its efforts, despite being "non-profit" to the executive apartments market to bring in extra money for the managers to share out. The CDC was a massive fraud whereby the governments investment in third world business ventures such as farming was handed to the managers for a fraction of its value (first year post-privatisation profits were greater than the entire purchase price). The CDC has effectively divested from grass-roots project in Agriculture and the like and instead gone into lucrative private equity deals, utility take overs and shopping centre construction.

So, no, let's not give control of democratic tax payer funds to a gang of former bureaucrats who want to steal them all. Or is the government meant to keep control of the money, which would give them control over everything?

8 sack the bureaucrats

Terrible idea. Bureaucrats are all that stands between us and the savages. They make the trains run not that far off being on time. Admittedly there might conceivably be a few too many, especially in the health service, largely because the government wants to keep unemployment looking lower than it is. Nonetheless it's good to keep a few of them about the place. Feel free to shut down the department of education's buildings in London though. Back to County control.

It would at least leave them with plenty of time on their hands to start up the non-profit trusts he suggests above.

Yes, that's two eights, whether its an attempt at humour, a typographical error or another type of error I don't know.

make believe media

Parenti. Awful book. Man's deluded. Thinks the crowds were calmed by the film Ghandi, noting they were restless outside the cinema. Of course when they were outside they were in very long queues, when they were inside they were relieved to finally be out of them.

While we're at it, Ghandi was a villain, turning against Britain because he wasn't treated better than the blacks on a trip to south africa, then supporting Japanese imperialism. Once when he was "staying in the slums" he was in a mansion in the middle of the slums.

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Red line, blood lne, rose line, madonna's red thread. TINC.

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A disturbing experience

I made the mistake of searching the internet for references to myself. Not something I've done before, although I believe it's a common practice. I found this. It's about that girl Steven Morgan killed.

Why? No possible reason. If he is the same individual who posted on newsgroup, I hope the police catch him soon. He is an angry, violent man.

No, I'd like to point out again that I am in no way guilty of murder. Especially not this one. Odd that whoever it is chose to link to the one of my three blogs I've post littlest on. Also odd that anyone would implicate me there.

The middle link is to an article I posted on Usenet (which Qim said would lose readers due to being long and mentioning the Illuminati).

Yes, I wonder who this commenter, going by the name "Jesus wept" could be.

coincidence theory part three

I suppose it's a coincidence...

That Scientology was founded by a satanist cultist and the Process Church spin-off openly worshipped satan.

That Michael Carr was a Scientologist, and that Charles Manson claimed to be a clear.

That Charles P Lindbergh, who killed his own child, was originally Charles Mansson.

That L Ron Hubbard was eventually shown to have an impotence problem after he'd been accused of raping a young girl who claimed he couldn't achieve an erection during the act.

That de Sade, Crowley and Hitler, amongst countless others, fused occultism with Social Darwinism.

That the women who claimed George W Bush had raped her died before the case could come to trial.

That Clinton was in charge of the Mena drugs for guns shipment point and later went on the be president. That Clinton visited Bilderberg just before being put into office, as did Blair and Carter.

That a slave sat on alexander the great's babylonian throne during the saturnalia, perhaps as a traditional attempt for the killing of the king to be deflected onto the king for the day, the slave.

That saturn, satan and set have such remarkably similar names. And that the first two were victims of overthrow (Zeus and Horus) and the third a revolutionary.

That Hubbard, Manson and a basketful of serial killers spent time in a mental hospital.

That Ewan and Marjorie were both called Cameron. Not to mention Duncan.

That Cameron's students ended up in the South American Condor torture system, in paraguay amongst other place, where the secret police chief was a murderer, paedophile and serial killer. (See "At the tomb of the inflatable pig".)

That the Nazi higher orders were in the Order of the Black Stone, the villains in the Thirty Nine Steps by WWI intelligence propagandist John Buchan were in the SchwartzStein (Black Stone) and that the Kaaba is a glorification of a black stone.

That within six months of the defection of Oswald to the Soviet Union, he being a former radar operator at the U2's base, the U2 of Gary Powers was shot down, something commonly believed to have been part of a CIA plot to destabilise peace talks between Eisenhower and Kruschev.

That Oswald, supposed killer of a president, Ferrie the paedophile and Seal the drug smuggler were all in a CAP unit together. That film showing Ferrie and Oswald together at a Lake Ponchartrain training camp for anti-Castro Cubans was stolen from the US Congress.

That Seal and Ferrie both had photographic memories, a common characteristic of Monarch mind-slaves.

That the Catholic Blairs went through a rebirthing ceremony at Xtul in Mexico.

That the CIA MK documents specifically wanted mind control to make people torture proof by partitioning their memory, using Taiwan as an example of somewhere they might be tortured, and that Candy Jones reports this exact thing happening to her (reported before the documents were released). That both John Marks and Candy Jones document the use of childhood imaginary friends to produce alters.

That one of the whores involved in the Profumo affairs went on the jointly found the Process Church of the Final Judgement.

That Charles Manson spent part of his youth at Boys' Town.

That the "falsely accused" witch Joan of Arc worked closely with her fellow soldier of France Gilles de Retz, also known for his conviction as a devil worshipper and for the search of his castle turning up several dozen child-corpses.

That "chuck norris!", is not only a foreign policy but a teacher of karate next door to the McMartin school.

That, according to Cathy O'Brien Dick Cheney had an oversized penis and according to Kola Boof, so does Osama bin Laden.

That the finder of the Crystal Skull, Mitchell-Hedges, and the founder of the Red Army, Trotsky, were both playing catamite to wall street bankers at the same time and were briefly room-mates.

That Hitler shared a wet nurse with a psychic called Schneider.

That Hitler was an informant for German intelligence sent to infiltrate the Nazis, as most modern Islamists seem to be spies.

That the Germans have cultivated Islamist intelligence ties for quite some time, the Kaiser having claimed to be Muslim to the Arab world, the Muslim Brotherhood having been aided by the Nazis and the Hamburg cell of Atta.

That the US invented the term "al-Qaeda" (according to the late Foreign Scretary it means, as is known, "the base", and refers to a CIA database of their Arab-Afghan agents). That it is also slang for toilet and that arabs didn't start using it until the american media blitz post-9/11.

Fame beckons

Everyone be sure to read this, apparently I am quoted.

Punt PI

I know, it's Punt PI, it's presented by a comedian, it's on the typically liberal BBC. It's light-hearted. It is, perhaps, not appropriate to make a light hearted look at torture-based mind control.

I was immediately sure that Punt PI on Radio four would be a load of rubbish, as soon as i heard it was to be about mind contorl. It followed the CIA establishment line that they simply reacted to Communist evil on their brave boys in korea, although as we all know most of their ideas came from the Nazis and the rest were pre-existing, from Estabrooks and company.

They have a woman claiming we can do very crude implants, but we don't have the technology for mind control. She has, perhaps, not heard of Jose Delagado who was, at least as long ago as the 60s, able to elicit specific emotions and activities from a bull. But, as in all areas of life, I'm sure technology hasn't advanced in the last 50 years, hence the 7 yard long computer I'm typing this on. Yes, technology becoming smaller and more advanced over the course of only a few decades is surely impossible. She claims the CIA "probably aren't" ahead of the wider world on mind control, although as with all the anti- claims in this programme we have only her word to go on. But academics rarely try to control people's minds, while for the CIA it's a full time occupation, whether through deceit, information control, propaganda or implants, hypnosis, narcohypnosis and Radio hypnotic intracerebral control.

Also remember Downard and so forth, testimony to a very long lasting interest by the elites in mind control.

They claim the GIs must have been brainwashed in Korea to make confessions about the US using germ warfare on China, not only (it says) were these confession untrue, but they "couldn't possibly be true", although again it's only his word we have to go on. See William Blum's "Killing Hope": the Americans followed Japanese WWII practice by dropping Shiro Ishii's germ bombs on China. The confessions, in other words, were true.

They quote Estabrooks'(?) statement that anyone who thinks people can only be hypnotised into doing things they'd do while awake needs to review their opinions. They cite the case of the CIA secretary hypnotised into shooting another secretary whilst in an hypnotic rage. Almost had me thinking it was going to be a balanced look at hypno control, but no. Then they had some bloke on who, with no expertise on a par with Estabrooks and with no evidence to support him (although he did say "all the evidence indicates" before making his groundless claims) says the current opinion is that people can't be hypnotised to do what they wouldn't do anyway, which is palpable rubbish. About the case of the CIA secretary he says in "thse sorts of cases" the people would have done the same thing even without hypnosis, although he ignores this actual case in which the secretary was too scared to even touch a gun when not hypnotised. He also claims, by saying the above, that the people the CIA was hypnotising would happily shoot people or throw acid over people for no reason.

Insulin comas; lawsuits against the former head of the APA/CPA/WAMH, etc.; Operation Paperclip, TBMC, none of these get a mention.

I've also just seen a programme upon the Beeb hero-worshipping the mass murderer Deng Xioping. Also claiming he was brave and heroic to put economics ahead of politics and to adopt capitalism without "western style politics", which is one way of putting it.

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pseudonymous bosch

My nom-de-net is "purportedly pseudonymous", according to littledynamo. Now, once upon a time I used other names on the internet, I briefly used my real name when I first arrived and even more briefly used "Ted Drake". Not a cuddly dragon, but a footballer from the Chapman-era Arsenal, just after they'd moved to Highbury (a ground, with famous marble halls, built on a former Church of England playing field, which was purchased by the Masonic head of the club (later disqualified from any involvement in football for bribery in a incident which gained Arsenal it's top flight status, which it has retained to the present day, at the expense of local rivals Tottenham Hotspur, colloquially known as "yids", but don't read too much into that). I also went by "Blue John" at the straight dope message board, but that was brief too because I was speedily banned. Got involved in a discussion of false rape allegations, quoted Otto Weininger a bit, don't know what upset them so much.

If I was choosing a name now I think perhaps Templeton Brewer or Boothby Graffoe. Maybe Grim or Blind Boyard. No odder than my ancestral name, Baumber. Bomber. O-baumber. BAUM-ber.

There's a building in town, it's a shop now, but on the side there's a couple of words carved into the stone, "IMPERIAL HALL", with the square and compass sign in place of As.

Something I once wrote about Arsenal:

As anyone who's read a David Icke book or Arinzona Wilder's book will know only evil and double crosses come out of Alsace-Lorraine. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Football Club's manager, is an Alsatian. Here's a conspiracy you've never heard of.

Arsenal's colours are red and white, the colours of the murderous secret society the assassins, a medieval Muslim terrorist group. Is it a coincidence that Osma Bin Laden is report to be an Arsenal fan? Look at the strange circumstances surrounding the "food poisoning" or Tottenham Hotspur in their last game of the 2005/6 season, a game crucial to deciding if Arsenal would qualify for the Champions' League, with all the money and prestige that implies, or would they be pipped at the post by Tottenham Hotspur, a club of notorious Jewish sympathies? How is it that only the players were affected by the food poisoning, not the other guests at the hotel or even Tottenham's non-playing staff? The Premier League sent a doctor to examine the players but made a decision before the doctor arrived. Why? The chairman of the Premier League was at Highbury to watch Arsenal's last competitive game there before moving to a new stadium, continuing Arsenal's long history of being cosy with the League, Football and Premier. Was he being buttered up? In the hours before the announcement of the "food poisoning" outbreak odds on Tottenham losing were cut dramatically in Far Eastern betting syndicates. Could this be, not an Arsenal conspiracy, but a continuation of the wave of far eastern gambling interventions in English football previously embodied primarily in the 90s phenomenon of syndicates sabotaging floodlights in Premiership grounds to ensure games would be called off?

Consider, though, the past history of Arsenal Football Club. They extended the Football League into the South, a major part of the League's policy of expansion, effectively scuppering the nascent Southern League and outraging the London Football Association by becoming the capital's first professional club. Tottenham were, of course, in the Southern League. Arsenal then moved from South West London to North London to become Tottenham's local rivals, pursuing a continuing vendetta againt Spurs, the Jewish club. Arsenal obtained their new ground, or the land to build it on, from the Church of England, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a close friend of the Arsenal chairman Sir Henry Norris. Norris was also archdeacon of the masonic United Grand Lodge of England. This was followed by the 1919 scandal whereing Arsenal gained promotion from the second division, again at the expense of Tottenham who were relegated, despite the fact that Arsenal finished only fifth in the second division the previous season, therefor being less deserving of Division One status than Tottenham or the third and fouth teams in Division Two, all of whom went into Division Two. This seems to have been achieved by blackmailing the chairman of Liverpool and Manchester United who had been found guilty of matchfixing by the High Court and were scared of being kicked out of Division One, or even out of the league.

Norris was banned from football for illegal payments.

A film was made in the thirties called the "Arsenal Stadium Mystery". Speaks of influence. The nearest underground station to the Arsenal Stadium was renamed Arsenal. No ordinary team could have done that. Arsenal had the best manager of the era and the most innovative ever, Herbert Chapman.

How did Arsene Wenger, a foreigner, get a job managing a notoriously conservative English club? He was already in line for the job when the previous manager, George Graham, was banned from footbal for a year for taking "bungs". How convenient that this popular and successful manager should be punished for something done by nearly every manager in the country at just the right time to clear the way for Wenger. Wenger's scheme nearly wnet wrong however, when he was denied the job in preference to Bruce Rioch. Rioch didn't last long, though, and Wenger got his job soon enough.

George Graham himself said many people would be glad to see him a punished, as a scapegoat for the others.

I wonder how I came to support Arsenal. Could the devil have been behind it?

Fascism is a constant, even in sport. See the books of Andrew Jennings, the IOC and FIFA have long been run by fascists. AC Milan is owned by a former P2ista. Abramovic, of course, has added an element of murderous mafia money to our national game.

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A warm gun

Some thoughts of the first two sinister forces books.

The survival of the templars, he talks about, and almost everything ever written about that is a load of old bollocks. This is no different. Masons may well be partly descended from freemasons, but he doesn't give us any reason to believe so. Nor does the coincidence of Wat Tyler's name (he should have pointed out the possible John Wheaties-esque Cthonic fertility magic inherent in the name Jack Straw, too, and the current government minister of the same name, although I still wouldn't be convinced). The fAact is the templars never went underground. In some countrys they changed their name, like Portugal, in others they merged witht he hispitallers, like France. In England the King liked them and only acted when ordered by the pope, so they had several years after those in France, and were then treated lightly. Most were told to do penance for their crimes (whcih in England were confessed with no duress) in other monasteries. There's plenty of local templar graffiti around here, carved ub tge castle dungeons, in Lincoln castle, in the ruins of their old preceptory at Temple Bruer (where the last Grand MAster of the English Templars was both ordained and arrested), etc. more sinister are the Hospitallers, who became the SMOM (blair, etc). Also the origins of templars and their sucessors.

I disagree that gibberish is of mystical import. Large chunks of his work are gibberish so I can see why he feels some sympathy with it, but the literal meanings of prosaic words are more important that he thinks in ritual magic. Gibberish mostly comes in the form of proper names.

Darwinism, social darwinism that is, left handism (Italian "left handed studies", as he says), are two of a pair. The Cathars weren't restrained ascetics but rather that was their outer persona. The fact is that they were like most cults, one rule for the rank and file and another for the elite. Very much like a modern "Christian" denomination in fact, especially in the more religious countries like America, where the congregants are backwards and often poverty stricken while the leaders have on the big gold ring and the shiny suit (idsregarding of the book of James) and are fucking whores left right and centre behind the congregants back. So it was with the Cathars. The ranks were told that sex especially was bad and forbidden, but that the same went for all worldly pleasures. This of course left the wealth they produced unsquandered so it could be passed up to the rulers of their sect who had no such beliefs. No doubt the Templars practiced in the same way.

He mentions the hashish eaters, but doesn't go into the more interesting matriarchal history of the Muslim heresy. the satanic verses, Kaaba, etc.

He's completely in accord with the mainstream (american) idea that america was founded by idealists looking for a life free of religious tyranny. In reality it was founded by occultists (he doesn't mention this either, but the Salem which trials ended when the governor (who was a known occcultist, as he says) found that his wife had been accused, and put a stop to things). Thos religious figures, the so-called pilgrims, were intolerant bigots who founded themselves universally hated in Britain and Europe for just that reason and so set off to a place where they could enforce their whims to their hearts content. When they briefly ruled Britain during the Protectorate they banned Christmas and football, and they've never been given power again.

clarkson ww2 doc - who won the war, etc., cameraderie

He acts like the Paperclip business was done under the exigencies of (cold-)wartime and was therefore partly justified, but this is the limited hangout position, in fact the Nazis and the American establishment had been best buds before the war, although eh hardly mentions it. Bush's UBC he mentions, but not the GM business and hardly the IBM caper. The Money Plot (of Smedley Butler, etc.) doesn't even get a name check. nor does the American Eugenics movement which spawn Nazi doctrine in the first place.

Although he mentions the Ahnenerbe collection of the skulls of concentration camp victims he doesn't mention those same SS men being dispatched to Tibet, nor the collection of skulls during the Herero revolt in Namibia.

He doesn't mention an important source of post-war funding, the "gold warriors" stash, the stolen loot of the Nazis, the gold Evita took from the Argentine banks the Nazis had stashed it in ($500 million 1945 according to some estimates) or the imfamous gold train.

Gladio doesn't get a mention, nor does it's various aliases or sub-branches (barring an exceptionally brief mention of P2). ONe would think this nexus of CIA spies, fascists and occultopederasts and gun runners would get a mention in a grimoir of political witchcraft.

"You make yourself ridiculous by thinking you can do anything. The world is divided in two. There are the communists on that side and on this side the free world. The Russians and the Americans, no one else. What are we? Americans. Behind me there is the government, behind the government is NATO, behind NATO is the U.S. You can't fight us, we are Americans."

In fact he shows a general contempt for conspiracy, preferring to write things off as coincidences and then pontificate on the role of synchronicity as an independent force in world events.

He claims there's no evidence of a widespread satanic cult of murderers, although he refers to "the ultimate evil" and cites it's proving of a national (at least) satanic cult "based in Minot", as he wrongly puts it. de sade, de retz, montesspan, satanic murder cult through history. No doubt about it.

"if we refuse to believe that..." the CIA, etc., were behind JFK's death, then we supposedly have to find a more occult, sinister, explanation for the "coincidences" surrounding his death. But why the hell would we refuse that?

Strughold and Gerathewohl, two Nazi emigres, studying "motoric responses of the eyes when exposed to light flashes of high intensity and short duration", exactly the basis of the assassination strobe supposedly used against Princess Diana and also tying in with hypnosis (which can be caused by bright lights of high intensity and short duration, noises with the same properties, sexual trauma, etc.). Another thing: I didn't realise Kenneth Arnold had first seen a flash of light before he saw his flying saucers. Keel claims this is usually the case, the light being a hypnotic device of some paranormal sort which causes one to have guided hallucinations, of which the seemingly physical disc are a part. Wellstone, Caradori, etc., killed in small planes. Nearly happened to Arnold too. But he doesn't mention that, despite going into detail on the death of the two air-force investigators at Maury Island. Also doesn't go into Crisman's role in the shaver mystery.

He doesn't mention L ron's two commands, which means he misses some gossip, which he seems quite fond of. His first command he was relieved before the boat sailed. His second he was sacked for depth-charging the sea bed. After his discharge he wrote of for "replacement" medals which he had never been awarded, climing he'd lost the originals, and the Navy sent them to him. He also claimed and received an increase in disability payments from the Navy even after his supposed work in Dianetics had revealed to him the cure for all disease.

He briefly mentions hubbard's debt to Sauder, but not to the German publication "Scientologie" which predates "Dianetics".

"Bluebird of friendliness, like a guardian angel, it's always there."

Olsen was thrown out of that window, see jon ronson, not lsded to death. He makes it quite clear that he believes this but he insists on attributing the death to the effects of LSD and responsibility for such to those who drugged the poor bugger. He has a bizarre theory that the taking of LSD (which Bill Bailey does a good bit n in "Part Troll", if you can find it) is ome sort of mystical initiatory rite, and that the reason Olsen reacted badly (which is highly questionable, as some witnesses claim it had virtually no effect on him) was that he was "going into the abyss" with an unclean conscience, sins intact, as opposed to the clean consciences of the evil but unrepentant men that he worked with, this causing a bad trip. He then talks a load of twaddle about initiatory rites and how Olsen was spiritually sabotaged by not being properly prepared for the "initiatory" experience of forcible doping. Then he remembers that an autopsy showed someone has knocked Olsen out before throwing him out the window, but don't let that get in the way of the woo. Find a book called "Terminate with extreme prejudice", incidentally, refers to a CIA assassination manual which recommends throwing people from high places to disguise head wounds inflicted to passify them so that you can kill them. To be clear, Olsen died because his head was smashed in and he was thrown from a high window, not because he was spiritually unprepared for drug-induced illumination. That fact is the fasting and shriving common to preparatory rites is meant to make people suggestible, and the degree system of initiation allows good people to be corrupted little by little beacuse a slippery slope is easier to lure people onto that a sheer cliff. There's no illumination waiting at the top. To misuse a phrase, it's turtles all the way down.

It's all just Operating Thetans, but Hubbard was a better businessman than most of them.

The correct route is internalisation and independent spiritual development, not cultist obedience a ritualism.

Crowleyan beliefs that a brother of the left-hand path is caused by traversing the abyss without destroying the ego is particualrly mistaken. Who'd have thought it of the people who call themselves Thelemites, "Willists", that they desire only to suppress the ego and consciousness and to become unfree slaves of the id. This is largely what psyops are aimed at, as pointed out in "Death in Washington" by Donald Freed, the Quartered Man strategy was to make people fearful and reactionary, similar to the startegy of tension, to allow dominance of the go by the id, the conscious mind by the demons of the under-mind. The opposite of depth psychology, Freed says. Imagine how much easier psyops would be if everyone became Thelemites and did these things to themselves. This is also what the LSD is about. The entire society had been Olsened, fed drugs without any knowledge of their effect, drugs deliberately spread by the CIA. If it weren't so sad it would be funny to see people crowing about the CIA supposedly shooting themselves in the foot by spreading the consciousness raisers. The trouble is they don't really raise consciousness, no matter what delusions to the contrary they raise in their mind-ravaged victims. They do the work of the CIA, they've been shown to stay in the bloodstream or lodged iin the fatty tissues of the brain for decades and to have a permanent effect on the inhibitions. I suppose if one follows the left hand path (by which i mean the opposite of the Crowleyan left-hand path, I mean the left-hand of the destruction of the Ego and the cultivation of the darkest parts of the id), this lack of inhibitions is good. Certainly if one wants a population of uninhibited, gullible people, it's ideal. Now, who could want that? Only those already in power who wish to control the thoughts of others could benefit from the rise of ego-destroying libidinous sex magic. They sap the will through terror, the little death, with fear mongering and false flag attacks and through the other powerful force, sex. The CIA didn't shoot themselves in the foot, they shot you with a tranquiliser dart.

The cure is, of course, the opposite. Conscious control of one's mind and body, carefully cultivated. The desires slowly brought under control and then extinguished rather than cultivated to new depths and depravities. The Bible recognises this, talking about the necessity of controlling ones tongue, not to mention that adulterous thoughts and actions, or hate and murder, are effectively interchangeable. If you don't control your mind you can't control anything, whether you'rre running at the mouth, running after women or murdering people. Colin Wilson also understands it, talking about the barking of dogs not being under conscious control. Gurdjieff, notoriously unfond of Crowley, tried to cultivate it through his now famous exercises.

lsd weakens the inhibitions/ego/dexter, exposure to great god pan is to be avoided. the orgy of freedom and killing.

lack of sex rituals are still sex rituals, as in the tantric semen storing, and have the opposite effect of the lascivious alternative.

We are owned. - Fort.

Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you! -- They Live

I'm not joking about, either. Find "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. People falling into vats, ground up, sold as "pure beef lard".

sirhan sirhan, hementions many Arabs being Christian. Of course far more palestinians were before Israel created Hamas.

Not mentioned: the hypnotist bryan's son writing a book about ufos and alien abduction, should be grist for his mill.

manly hall, was it? went into america's special purpose, the real reason for it's settlement and creation.

keehner quit the CIA because of its video sex entrapment techniques. Always nice to see that get a mention, as with Mohammad Atta's girlfriend and the striop club she worked in.

possible to hypnotise someone into murder. None of this "only do things you'd do when awake" rubbish. Not all bad, this book.

christopher lee anti-satanist:

"I am absolutely certain that there are thousands upon thousands of people today actively using black magic to get what they want. I'm sure they're responsible for much of the bad in the world, such as the wars in the Middle East [and] political corruption....

"Black magic has a church-like hierarchy with leaders who want power over people. At the bottom are people who get conned into devil worshipping because they're lonely, insecure, or frustrated....

"My roles in horror films brought me into contact with people who furthered my occult knowledge. I feel very much that it's my responsibility to persuade people to turn away from black magic...and I think my movies do just that by showing the true horror of evil."

oddities of my youth

A few oddities of my youth

There was a very odd school in the forest when I was young. I dsitinctly remember my entire class being taken there for several days, but I can't at all remember what it was all about.

Up on beacon hill I remember various schoolmates of mine referring to "airraid shelters", evidently extensive subterranean chambers. Only once did I ever hear them referred to and I've no idea where they might be.

On the front page of the local papers on a single occasion was mention of horse rippers, a plague of mutilations against local horses. Also the discovery of various bits of pagan paraphernalia such as stone tomahawks. I also once saw some scaffolding on my street with an inverted pentagram built into its side. A local bridge currently has graffiti on its underside reading "do what tyhou will is that whole of the law". The Templars, of course, were kept in the dungeons of the local castle (the then property of the Bishop of Lincoln). They have left various pieces of graffiti, especially ladders, many of which are similar to those to be seen in the cells they were kept in at Lincoln castle.

In 1906, so legend has it, a royal personage came to retrieve something hidden in one of the castle dungeons used by the Templars. The sites bear evidence of ritual use and the retrieval, of who knows what, was from an alcovve in the original stone work which was then hidden behind an eighteenth century layer of bricks (built when the dungeon was used to store imported ice). The story goes that Templars, of some group identifying as such, worshipped down there from their dissoultion in 1312 until the destruction of the castle by Parliamentary forces after the Civil War (during which the town was notoriously pro-Stuart, incidentally, withstanding three sieges, being relieved by Prince Rupert himself and being the place the Scots were besieging when the king gave himself up to them).

The governor during the civil war was supposedly saved from death after abandoning his house due to a series of dreams, the house burning down after a cannon ball hit it.

And there's clay lane, down the side of beacon hill, which is very steep.

Saturday, 30 May 2009


"The killer apparently was a young man who had stalked her previously. Stephen Morgan has been described as a troubled loner who had few, if any, friends. What his victim, Johanna Justin-Jinich had done to excite his enmity, no one seems to know. Her friends describe Justin-Jinich in glowing terms as smart, outgoing and caring. Her senseless death is a terrible tragedy for her family and loved ones."

I have no memory of this.

More fascinating insights here.


a couple of posts i made to craig murrays blog comments:

Ireland should suffer whatever fate its people decide.

Elections won't get any better just by making local ones more important. The best idea seems to me to be taking a leaf out of the book of those Greek inventors of democracy: election by lot. People should be chosen at random, rather than the most dishonest, greedy and ambitious being rewarded. That would make councils truly representative, and I have more faith in the average man's integrity than that of some power-mad party functionary.

Written constitutions won't restrain tyranny any more than an unwritten one. The failure isn't in our laws, but our inclination to enforce them. No wall of paper will protect our freedoms.

There's no point in an elected upper house. If one house is elected, there's no point in another. If PR is bad for the lower house, it's no better for the upper. If we're to stay bicameral at all we should have an upper house made up of representatives of notforprofit corporate organisations (such as unions, royal colleges, building societies, co-ops, charities, that sort of thing), similar to the original Soviets or the idea put forward and then discarded by Ramsay MacDonald.

Single Transferable Voting, on the other hand, I could get behind. For parliament, that is, the Commons. Why every four years, though? Why not every year, thereby eliminating the tendency for pols to play to populism in election years, also fulfilling the only unmet demand of the People's Charter of 1848.

Local tax is a bad idea. Good if you're in a rich area keeping all your money in your area, bad if you're in a poor area reliant on redistributive taxation. Don't replace council tax with local income tax, replace it with a national income tax rise. Extend the NI threshold upwards, too. Put taxes up on petrol and down on diesel, while we're on the subject. Up on spirits, down on beer. Up on the rich, down on the poor (that 10% rate would be a good thing to bring back). Up on income, down on consumption.

Protection for the obviously falsely accused in the form of juries to decide on warrant issuing might not be a bad idea, either.

Natural monopolies should be renationalised, too. No point allowing a bunch of thieving gits to keep robbing the elderly with their profiteering gas bills and the tax payer with their train subsides (and the environment with their leaky water mains).

In the aftermath of his humiliating defeat at the polls after the war, Churchill limited the amount of money any individual could donate to his Tories. £500, I believe. This was to encourage his local constituency parties to go out on the streets and find new members and new donors rather than relying on a few rich people to prop them up.

Worked, too. In '51 he got back in.

As for the inequities of party politics, it may not be the ideal system but it is the least bad. A state with no formal parties simply becomes a state with one informal party, a one-non-party state like Jersey.

Monday, 25 May 2009

coincidence theory part two

That "meritocracy" was invented by a satirist, the same man who wrote the 1945 Labour election manifesto as a youthful idealist, and that the word was then adopted by the modern political class as a five-syllable model for a perfect society just shows that many a true word has been spoken in jest.

And no doubt the fact that the modern American fundamentalist dominionists want to bring about the apocalypse is unrelated to this also being the stated aim of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Indeed it merely shows that the devils designs ultimately leads into God's hands, rather than showing that the elites on boths sides of the religious divide have common aims.

There can certainly be no conceivable link between the fanatical right wing politics of John G Schmitz and the sexual predations of his daughter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, upon her male student. Nor, indeed, upon his purported abuse of her. No doubt it's also a conincidence that both father and daughter molested their students while working as teachers, in his case whilst he was a congressman. his much-vaunted commitment to family values is the only explanation for the involvement he took in the raising of the family he had by his German mistress, and certainly in was an unfortunate accident that the son he had by her was nearly castrated in an "accident" in the home, it would be churlish to bring his history of child sex abuse into the terrible suffering his some was unfortunate enough to suffer. The abilities of such a man to raise children can hardly be doubted, as one of his sons was special assistant to Ed Meese during the Promis scandal, went on the be INspector General at the pentagon when it was discovered that several trillion dollars was mysteriously missing and later went off to run Blackwater Security. No doubt the lad's attachment to Baron von Steuban, the notorious gay freemason, just shows his love of the history of his country's military while he worked for it. His younger brother offers even more evidence of a well-adjusted family, having worked for GHWB during Iran/contra and then being involved in the offical 9/11 investigation. Jeb Bush's marriage to Mark Kay's sister-in-law goes to show that one happy family knows another. John Schmitz refusing custody of his two youngest children when their mother died just goes to show that even a dedicated parent can only deal with so many children. It's just lucky the mother was so friendly with Jeanne Dixon, who could psychically nourish them. As for his sexually mutilated child, well that the cause of his condition is so similar to that in "Hair of the Alien" shows that this is an occupational hazard of sleeping, and the hair being tied in a square knot and apparently intentionally place just goes to show that the human mind can find limitless patterns in nature.

No doubt, in the after math of the burning of Luton Town Hall by demobbed soldiers and the over throw of the Russian state the arrival of English troops to deal with the strikes on Clydeside rather than use local troops was simply due to the fatigue of the Scots troops after their heroic actions against the Kaiser.

The fact that the 7/7 attacks happened simultaneously with a drill launched by a private company run by former Met anti-terrorist cop Peter Powers, even down to the simulated and actual attacks being at the same tube stations, just shows that exercises really are useful in preparing for attacks. The fact that the 9/11 attacks also happened simultaneously with a simulated multiple hijacking in the same area just goes to show that coincidences happen.

That a man currently known as Mujahid Menepta provided materials or accomodation for the world trade centre attack in '93, the OKC bombing in '95 and the 9/11 attack in 2001, all while working as an FBI informant, just goes to show that the sort of people who spy on and grass up criminals to policing agencies are all too trusting.

That the woman who accused George Bush of rape soon came over all dead, like, before the case came to court just goes to show that someone deluded enough to think that George Bush would commit a crime must be a danger to herself and others. That Barry Seal, supposedly once the world's biggest dealer in illicit drugs, was purportedly killed after trying to blackmail George Bush with a video of him unloading drugs just shows that dealing with drug cartels is a dangerous business.

That Rush Limbaugh failed a medical to serve in Vietnam just shows that chance can deal a patriot a cruel blow in stopping him serving his country. And only chance could be responsible for such a man acquiring an anal cyst.

The Iqra bookshop which supposedly radicalised the 7/7 plotters employing a former SBS officer shows that even the armed forces aren't immune to the cancer of fundamentalism. That Iqra received funding which came from BBC Children in Need shows that well-intentioned people can be conned by criminals.

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Wither Consultancy

I believe firmly that there was a fourth series of the BBC Radio 4 series The Consultants, although all internet sources from wiki pedia to bittorrent indicate only three series. My memories of it are definite: there was a musical bit about a detective called Chicken Brown, another about cosmonauts, specifically the sending of trained animals into space and Gagarin being sent up to feed them. There was a song at the beginning of one episode about their change of theme tune, presumably the first episode. There was a series of clips from the consultants supposed musical archive representing Victorian jaunts, starting with introducing their club as being "up Kirstie Alley" and "across Sally Fields" and so forth, and culminating in the Queen having her guards drag them away, after Chesney's pun-filled explanation. The scene ends with them in dungeons and one of them asking another to sooth them with one of his witty bon mots. Something unwitty is said and the others say "get him".

If I imagined this I'm more creative than I thought.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

coincidence theory part one

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that every American military action since the second world war have been targeted at sources or major transhipment points on the global narcotics traderoutes (golden triangle/Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kosovo/Montenegro, etc.).

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the photographer hired for the day by the police heard kids screaming in Dutroux's cellar but the policeman with him claimed it was kids outside and refused to investigate. Perhaps it's just coincidence that the policeman in charge of the search forbade any of his subordinates to accompany him into the cellar.

Perhap's it's just a coincidence that the police never analysed the DNA in over two dozen hair samples obtained from Dutroux's cellar after the bodies were found, which may have helped prove the defence's case that there was a paedophile conspiracy. After all, as the police pointed out, as there was no conspiracy there was no point in analysing the samples.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Colonia Dignidad, which was used as a torture chamber by the US-backed Pinochet dictatorship, received mysterious envelopes full of cash from foreign countries. Perhap's it's a coincidence that they were set up by a pervy priest on the run from the law. Who used to be in the SS. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Chilean Congress has had a high-profile paedophile scandal in recent times.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the founder of modern feminist goddess-"history", Marija Gimbutas, was a student of a Nazi ethnologist and that her theology of feminism clearly owes it's origins to a butchered version of Ariosophy with patriarchal Kurgans taking the place of the Jews as the destroyers of civlisation. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she left her homeland whent he Nazis were chased out by the communists and followed the path of the Nazi emigre networks and Operation Paperclip to America.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the FBI agent tasked with investigating the assassination of Orlando Letellier, the Chilean democrat, was dating Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of modern feminism, for no less than nine years. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she worked as a CIA agent provocateur in European youth congresses. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she and her ilk have spent several decades spewing "victim feminism", following the stated goals of the "Quartered Man" campaign in Chile, to terrify people into submission. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she has been rumoured to be the victim of mind control.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Leo Strauss claimed America needed enemies to bring it together and that the current holder of that role, ObL, was long an American intelligence asset in Central Asia. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the CIA has long run the global drug trade and that Mohammad Atta was a major cocaine user.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that members of right-wing youth groups were sent to reconnoitre supermarkets that were later the targets of the so-called Brabant massacres, apparently conducted by the Belgian Gladio.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Mohammad Atta's girlfriend was a stripper in a club used to sexually entrap and blackmail prominent local public figures, which is a known hobby of intelligence agencies everywhere, while her drug-addled pork eating stripper fucking fundamentalist boyfriend was preparing to unleash terror on the world.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that while paedophiles were operating on Jersey, including hiring out young children for "pleasure cruises" on the yachts of the island's imfamous superrich, child protection agencies all over the mainland were recruiting from the Channel Islands and illegally sending children to homes on the islands. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the first ever minister for Children in the UK was in charge of child protection in Islington during its own paedophile scandal, during which she refused to listen to complaints made to her.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that satanist MI5 operative Tony Blair lived
in Islington at the time.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Lenin was able to pass through war-time Germany to get to his appointment with destiny. Perhaps it's a coincidence that he was reported at the time in Petrograd to be receiving money from the British Embassy, perhaps also that Trotsky was living with Mike Mitchell-Hedges, the finded of the Skull of Doom, whilst the latter was acting as social catamite to JP Morgan. Perhaps also that Lenin was living with the gnomes of Zurich is Switzerland and that Hitler was a military intelligence operative origianlly sent to spy on the NSDAP as a threat to National Security.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that fairy lands and UFO bases are often underground and that the Rites of Eleusis and the satanic rites connected with the Son of Sam cult were practiced underground.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that it was psychiatrists who were the first to sterilise "inferiors" in America and to execute them in germany. Also to run the mind control programmes in America that grew out of German war atrocities.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Hitler claimed to have invaded Czeckslovakia to save its people from Tyranny.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the only thing stolen in the raid on the house of Pinon was the tape of his wife's confession to organising orgies for the Belgian upper class. Perhaps it's a coincidence that five days after the taping the wife of a Dr. Corckaert, implicated in the tape, was found dead of "suicide". Perhaps it's a coincidence that the judge who denied Pinon custody, despite this tape, was later implicated in the orgies and in having children delivered to his house from care homes by Christine Doret, another orgiast, who also implicated Prince Albert, Mathot, vanden Boeynants and Beaurir.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that modern ritual murders have a penchant for decapitation, as the ancient Celts liked to decapitate their enemies and as Bran the Blessed had his head carried by his followers after his death.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that James Shelby Downard claims to have been implanted long before the supposed rise of mind control technotrons and that Jose Delgado looks much younger than he should do in the footage of his famous bull-baiting.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Franklin Credit Union was being looted, used for paedophile recruitment and laundering money for the Contras all at the same time. Perhaps it's a coincidence that this coincided witht he White House call boy scandal and that at least one young man claims to have been involved in both, along with the dissapearance of Gosch. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the last two presidents of America, preceding Coconut, have been implicated directly in drug running, and the one before that in Nazi money laundering, the kennedy/Castro assassination efforts and so forth. Perhaps it's a coincidence that "that Bay of Pigs thing" was codenamed Zapata, the name of the elder bush's oil company, and that all his planes and boats ended up being called Barbara. Perhaps it's a coincidence that four Presidents or future presidents were in Dallas 20/11/63 or the two days surrounding the event, JFK, LBJ, Nixon and Bush 1. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the heads of the House and Senate oversight commitees were meeting the man who sent the hijackers $100,000 on the morning of 9/11, while Bush 1 was meeting a bin Laden, although no the bin Laden, at the Carlyle group.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the same judge was sacked from both the Dutroux and Cools cases.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Moro was killed "by the Communists" when he was about to let the Communists have a share of power. And that the Socialists left their coalition with the Communists after they were handed money by Calvi. And that the current head of state in Italy was on the P2 list. And that all those doors were left open between the head of P2's cell and the outside world. And that the major US assassinations of the 60s, the death of Moro and of Palme, the ousting of Wilson, all were directed against enemies of the CIA despite their supposedly unlinked nature.

Perhaps it's a conincidence that Olaf Palme appeared on a Chilean DINA hit list before his death.

Perhaps it's a coincdence that the son of sam cult and the Process worshipped Hitler and the dual sig-rune.

Perhaps also that Baron de Bonvoison funded the neo-fascist FdJ and was in the circle of orgiasts revealed by both Pinon and the X-dossiers.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the leader of another apparent Belgian gladio front, the Westland New Post, commited suicide after complaining to the police of death threats apparently related to the Pinon case.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Kemal Christian Kemal had his daughter taken from him by two US marshalls and put on a plane back to France, where he claimed the mother was in a devil-worshipping paedophiliac cult, despite having been granted political asylum by a US judge, I believe the only time the US has given asylum tyo a Frenchman.

Perhaps it's only coincidence that the Pinon file was rumoured to be a right-wing list of victims of political blackmail due to their sexual peccadillos and that the Kincora Boy's Home and Bryn Alyn care home scandals were based on the same thing, and that the foreign ministries of the world have long had a history of providing, and then filming, "hospitality".

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Nazi Altmann/Barbie provided heavies for the Cocaine coup.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Belgian Eurosystems, who were involved in a scandal due to providing billions of francs in bribes and a ring of call girls called Tuna to Saudi princes to secure a deal, involved a host of names from the FdJ and the Pinon file, such as Bonvoisin, Prince Albertt and vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Fourez and Dewit claimed to have a copy of a tape being used for blackmail, a tape of the ballet roses, when they were killed by the gladio in the Brabant massacres. Perhaps also that Dewit worked for an intimate of vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the term narcopederastas links drugs and pederasty so well.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that John Carr, of the son of sam killings, favoured underage girls and was known as Wheaties, while the son of sam letters refer to a John Wheaties, rapist and torturer of young girls.

Perhaps Andre le Troquer, president of the French Senate in 1958, went to those "ballets roses" because he liked dancing.