Monday, 25 May 2009

coincidence theory part two

That "meritocracy" was invented by a satirist, the same man who wrote the 1945 Labour election manifesto as a youthful idealist, and that the word was then adopted by the modern political class as a five-syllable model for a perfect society just shows that many a true word has been spoken in jest.

And no doubt the fact that the modern American fundamentalist dominionists want to bring about the apocalypse is unrelated to this also being the stated aim of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Indeed it merely shows that the devils designs ultimately leads into God's hands, rather than showing that the elites on boths sides of the religious divide have common aims.

There can certainly be no conceivable link between the fanatical right wing politics of John G Schmitz and the sexual predations of his daughter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, upon her male student. Nor, indeed, upon his purported abuse of her. No doubt it's also a conincidence that both father and daughter molested their students while working as teachers, in his case whilst he was a congressman. his much-vaunted commitment to family values is the only explanation for the involvement he took in the raising of the family he had by his German mistress, and certainly in was an unfortunate accident that the son he had by her was nearly castrated in an "accident" in the home, it would be churlish to bring his history of child sex abuse into the terrible suffering his some was unfortunate enough to suffer. The abilities of such a man to raise children can hardly be doubted, as one of his sons was special assistant to Ed Meese during the Promis scandal, went on the be INspector General at the pentagon when it was discovered that several trillion dollars was mysteriously missing and later went off to run Blackwater Security. No doubt the lad's attachment to Baron von Steuban, the notorious gay freemason, just shows his love of the history of his country's military while he worked for it. His younger brother offers even more evidence of a well-adjusted family, having worked for GHWB during Iran/contra and then being involved in the offical 9/11 investigation. Jeb Bush's marriage to Mark Kay's sister-in-law goes to show that one happy family knows another. John Schmitz refusing custody of his two youngest children when their mother died just goes to show that even a dedicated parent can only deal with so many children. It's just lucky the mother was so friendly with Jeanne Dixon, who could psychically nourish them. As for his sexually mutilated child, well that the cause of his condition is so similar to that in "Hair of the Alien" shows that this is an occupational hazard of sleeping, and the hair being tied in a square knot and apparently intentionally place just goes to show that the human mind can find limitless patterns in nature.

No doubt, in the after math of the burning of Luton Town Hall by demobbed soldiers and the over throw of the Russian state the arrival of English troops to deal with the strikes on Clydeside rather than use local troops was simply due to the fatigue of the Scots troops after their heroic actions against the Kaiser.

The fact that the 7/7 attacks happened simultaneously with a drill launched by a private company run by former Met anti-terrorist cop Peter Powers, even down to the simulated and actual attacks being at the same tube stations, just shows that exercises really are useful in preparing for attacks. The fact that the 9/11 attacks also happened simultaneously with a simulated multiple hijacking in the same area just goes to show that coincidences happen.

That a man currently known as Mujahid Menepta provided materials or accomodation for the world trade centre attack in '93, the OKC bombing in '95 and the 9/11 attack in 2001, all while working as an FBI informant, just goes to show that the sort of people who spy on and grass up criminals to policing agencies are all too trusting.

That the woman who accused George Bush of rape soon came over all dead, like, before the case came to court just goes to show that someone deluded enough to think that George Bush would commit a crime must be a danger to herself and others. That Barry Seal, supposedly once the world's biggest dealer in illicit drugs, was purportedly killed after trying to blackmail George Bush with a video of him unloading drugs just shows that dealing with drug cartels is a dangerous business.

That Rush Limbaugh failed a medical to serve in Vietnam just shows that chance can deal a patriot a cruel blow in stopping him serving his country. And only chance could be responsible for such a man acquiring an anal cyst.

The Iqra bookshop which supposedly radicalised the 7/7 plotters employing a former SBS officer shows that even the armed forces aren't immune to the cancer of fundamentalism. That Iqra received funding which came from BBC Children in Need shows that well-intentioned people can be conned by criminals.

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