Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wither Consultancy

I believe firmly that there was a fourth series of the BBC Radio 4 series The Consultants, although all internet sources from wiki pedia to bittorrent indicate only three series. My memories of it are definite: there was a musical bit about a detective called Chicken Brown, another about cosmonauts, specifically the sending of trained animals into space and Gagarin being sent up to feed them. There was a song at the beginning of one episode about their change of theme tune, presumably the first episode. There was a series of clips from the consultants supposed musical archive representing Victorian jaunts, starting with introducing their club as being "up Kirstie Alley" and "across Sally Fields" and so forth, and culminating in the Queen having her guards drag them away, after Chesney's pun-filled explanation. The scene ends with them in dungeons and one of them asking another to sooth them with one of his witty bon mots. Something unwitty is said and the others say "get him".

If I imagined this I'm more creative than I thought.

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