Monday, 11 May 2009

some random musings of james shelby downards carnivals of life and death

The man had, he said, a closed forskin, which he bloodily cut from himsrlf at a tender age. This is a coincidence.

Bell, one of the villains of the piece, he points out was from Edinburgh, he doesn't mention that it's famous for it's giant masonic cemetaries, and the midget graves found in Arthur's seat, the hill upon which the castle sits. These graves are mentioned in one of the Fort books, can't remember which or where.

Decapitation of sorcerors - Jayne Mansfield was in a car with one of her fellow disciples of Anton Szandor La Vey when they were in an accident and the driver somewhat lost his head.

The pharmakos, he says, was rolled down the side of a mountain and if lucky enough to survive was allowed ot wander away. That reminds me of an incident in my childhood when I was innocently cycling down the side of a hill only to find that my breaks had been cut. Luckily my head and some sharp rock broke my fall.

Found with the dayton witch: rice-burroughs mars books. Slightly incongruous, the musty calf-hide bound mystical tomes and the most modern of sci-fi (at the time). Hwoever this area, at that time, included HP Lovecraft, Arthur Machen and elrond Hubbard.

Some of his unfortunate experiences involved a Texas place called Brownsville. This place later became famous as home of the Brownsville/Matamoros death cults.

Interracial Klan sex. Only to be expected. The lef thand path is all about breaking taboos, especially sex taboos. Not surprising the Klan thought of interracial sex as taboo.

Cable voices. How do CB radio transmissions get picked up by cable TV?

William Cobbett said a house with a pig in the garden is a happy home. He certainly found this to be the case as the sacred beasts (according to the Egyptians, see "The Golden Bough" by Frazer) repeatedly saved him from masonic rhapscallions.

He also mentions a four pi-style dog sacrifice.

He mentions an odd gun, a rifle, he was shown. It had a narrow barrel, he said, but a breach for a large caliber bullet. These guns are made to provide the charge of a large caliber bullet and thus to fire a small caliber bullet at very high speeds with great accuracy over long distances. I've only prev iously heard of them being hand made for the Israeli special services and other highly specialist customers.

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