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Ashes to Ashes

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Hypocritical oath

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E Gadarenes

A few thoughts as I read through Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Downard's apprentice, Hoffman (incidentally New Labour have been very big on the introduction of modern apprenticeships, as they call them, which I had assumed was a mere attempted allusion to their working class routes and the skilled trades, but with that Blair having created it all I could have been wrong). Reads like little dynamo. Mytical toponomy, syncromysticism.

Hoffman is outraged by the possibility of pig-human organs being put into human bodies, and seems surprised that it wasn't done with some sort of monkey rather than the genetically difficult pig, however we are remarkably similar to our porcine friends. Omnivorous. High body fat content. Not much hair. Symbolically, the pig is more human that the ape. Also there is the mystical and divine pollution of the holy pig, as Frazer points out the pig is now considered unclean by the Jews and friends not because of trichonosis and these other mterialistic concerns but because it was considered dangerous to tamper with the Otherworld by eating the sacred meat. Sacred but tasty, so I'll take my chances with the psychic tabus. And if I ever need a liver, I'll be happy to take one.

The talk of the creation of the beast-man abomination brought my mind, however, to the Stem Cell Swindle, a BBC radio documentary about children snatched fromt heir mothers breasts by Ukrainian doctors then butchered for their stem cells in the interests of selling those cells to rich white women at dodgy Caribean clinics. Stem Cell Massacre would have been a more accurate title.

Janus, Hoffa seems to think is deeply representative. A few Janus thoughts: "Janus in the modern world" by the Occultist and Egyptologist William Flinders Petrie, turns out not to really be about Janus at all. Janus, reflects Petrie, represents standing in the present looking to both past and future, thereby learning the lessons neccesary for peace. The only temples open in war time. The book, however, then goes onto a long social-darwinist and anti-socialist rant. Leave the work to perish, compassion is the vice of kings, and so forth. 21st Century Grail mentions a church in the south of England supposedly found with a Janus-featured font. Spirited Away, a Jap film, starts with a path and abandoned area full of janus-like two-faced head. Better than the three Baphomet was supposed to have, perhaps. Understanding is a three edged sword, you know. Hoff also talks about Sirius/Janus/duality/twins. Obviously brings to mind mirrors and their occultic and mind control implications.

There's something in the Bible about the devilry of a two-minded condition, but I can't immediately find it.

The sickle, Hoff says symbolises the bisection of the earth and heaven. Wall Street and Bolshevik Revolution, also claims the revolutions was nothing of the sort, not a communistic one at least. The two sides are one. Like Janus, two faces but one mind. Lee Harvey Oswald, he points out, worked both sides of the building housing both his FBI handler Bannister and his supposed Fair Play offices. Of course he also provides another East/West link through his time in the Minsk behavior modification centre and his KGB handler/wife along with his time hanging out at the Bluebird club and with his CIA handlers.

Swordfish, decent movie. Parental Alienation makes an appearance, along with some good prestidigitation and misdirection by the drug-dealing gov-terrorists.