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Shaver and Palmer.

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A particularly good Parenti piece.

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My Lovely Horse

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False Flag Journalism

Originally I read this in Private Eye. The Sun printed a story about extremists threatening UK Jews, but it turned out the story was about a threat a Sun journalist had posted. False flag journalism. If only the Eye had the sense to see that this is the SOP for the government and the spooks, not just a single abuse by a hack.

Women are stronger

Funky Moped

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A reply to aangirfan:

4: The exodus is in fact well established. Egyptian records only refer to the Jews as having been wiped out by Pharoahs armies. Believe them if you want. During the Eighteenth dynasty rule of Akhenaton one of the foreign-policy issues he refused to face was the collapse of the Egyptian empire in the middle east, including a letter he received in Akhetaten from one of his governors about attacks from a people called the HBR or Hibiru. Scholars arbitrarily deny these are the Hebrews. See Secrets of Lost Races by Rene Noorbergen.

6: History is also quite clear on the fate of the Jews after 70AD. Jerusalem was razed and replaced by a Roman colonia. A large number of Jews were exiled but there were still enough for two more major rebellions in the next century.

Also, he doesn't mention the Ethiopian Jews, the Falashas.

The Palestinians arrived later, the so-called sea-peoples of the Nineteenth dynasty contained a group called Pelest by the Egyptians and this is probably them, they're not the Punic Canaanites.

Also the Punics themselves are claimed by Herodotus to have originated on the Red Sea coast of Arabia, not in their later Mediterranean haunts.

This isn't meant as a moral judgement on who deserves the land. White men arrived in Cape Colony before blacks (the original inhabitants being the now near-extinct Khoi-san bushmen), South Africa is still under majority rule.


'we fascists are the true anarchists'

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Falling Down

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An interesting participle.

ING, some sort of financial group. Insurance, I think. Ing in the place names Birmingham and Nottingham (originally Snotti-inga-hame, apparently, rather similar to the Welsh name Senelloccu, but meaning the home of the followers of Snotti). -ing in the Cnutings, Cnuts decendants. -ing the Yngalingas, the Swedish Royals of the middle ages. Yng and ing, there. Names after Ing, a Norse mother goddess. Cyninga, Kin-ing, origin of prince. Aetheling, noble, good, proficient, etc, followed by ing meaning a Prince in Anglo-Saxon England. And, of course, Ing in Ingland.

Prydein, now Britain, was also named after a mother goddess. I don't know what that says about Mabinogion (young-boy-tales) star Pryderi. Ancient peoples, possibly including the Gauls and reflected in the Byzantine legend about the Channel ferrys carrying ghosts, believed Britain to be the land of the gods, the home of the after life and so on.

That's enough for now.

9/11, drugs, etc.


Judi Bari

A thread at rigint about her now archaic death. Nessie knew her, I seem to recall.


50,000 editions of the imperialist war-mongering hate-filled Guardian newspaper.

It's not only spelling they get wrong.

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Pervs - Cambodia - Power

About a third of the way down Uncle $cam does a good precis on the sex-beast-elite angle.

Gladio quote

You make yourself ridiculous by thinking you can do anything. The world is divided in two. There are the communists on that side and on this side the free world. The Russians and the Americans, no one else. What are we? Americans. Behind me there is the government, behind the government is NATO, behind NATO is the U.S. You can't fight us, we are Americans.
-- Basil Lambrou


For certain minutes at the least
That crafty demon and that loud beast
That plague me day and night
Ran out of my sight;


A warning to furture man.


I notice there is an Enochian character similar to a doubled U-rune. I've only seen such a run as the last letter in "alu", an mystical incantation of protection. An ancestor of the words "ale", "hallucination", "alter".

Esoteric Star Wars

Reading into other things.

Lily Allen, MC victim, used to have a TV show

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault its how Im programmed to function
Ill look at the sun and Ill look in the mirror
Im on the right track yeah we're on to a winner

A general link

Spartacus, I've not seen the film but Spartak Moscow were not a bad football team in the old days.

Blonde bombshells

Israel's oiled propaganda-machine was further lubricated by its
self-acknowledged decision to select women as their masbirim (misinformation
spokespersons) so as "to project a feminine and softer image." To add some cool
glamour to Israel's hot lies, Tzipi Livni, the state's foreign minister and a
natural blonde, announced, in response to calls for truce: "There is no
humanitarian crisis in the [Gaza] Strip, and therefore there is no need for a
humanitarian truce."

The blonde offensive, led by the rising star of Israeli politics, was
fortified by a team of peroxide blonde Israeli women, whose sex, lies and video
games decorated TV screens worldwide. They explained to the sympathetic world
the hardships endured by the nuclear-armed Israelis threatened by the crude
rockets. After all, one Israeli was killed in the last six months, while three
other Israelis (one of them a Palestinian citizen of Israel) were killed by
rockets since Gaza has been turned into a slaughter-house by the silk gloves of
the Israeli army.

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Vega has attracted the interest of the retard. A former pole star. Brings to mind Lovecraft's northern sentinel being bewitched into sleep by the star of the north, allowing his ice bound civilisation to fall to the yellow hordes. Not that I'm into that sort of thing.

Last night I found myself watching Louis Theroux on Dave. The one where he went looking for aliens. Lyra, that.

A book called Unspeak, which I was expecting to be quite good, isn't as good as you'd think. Unspeak, he claims, is a way of framing a debate by using loaded words, security fence carrying suburban and pacific images of picket fences and security against evil intruders, for example. A very pro-Israeli construction. However he does the same thing himself. With the air of a sceptic of the breed who claims scepticism will still be right when the aliens arrive as they will then change their minds he challenges the readers to spot his own Unspeak, and I have done. He uses "she" as the gender neutral pronoun. "Her", also. An abuse of the English language, the only function of which is to exult the feminine.

Following from the Seven of Nine MPD episode of Star Trek Voyager I have remembered an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation in whccih Data, the android (or mind-control-victim-avatar, according to Springmeier) is taken over by the records, and personalities, of an ancient civilisation which eventually turns him into a sun goddess and the Enterprise into a temple. The scenario is ended when Picard takes the masculine part of the moon-god and completes the ritual with the sun-queen, banishing her. All the people in Data were throughly terrified of her, certainly.

To continue a rather eclectic post, Clement Attlee was the last properly bald Prime Minister. I often hear no such person could be elected in the present day. Baldness, of course, is masculine and caused by high testosterone levels. He was also the best Prime Minister this country ever had, although slightly anti-semitic and eventually totally exhausted by the role.

A final swerve into other matters. I was reading "The Secrets of the Lost Races" by Rene Noorbergen and was pleasantly surprised to see that he seems to be some form of mad creationist, like myself, but without Atlantis. He does believe in the ancient nuclear wars, though. I have wondered, therefore, whether the language known as Enochian was originally the Cainite language. Hebrew, I think, was the primal language, certainly more so than Enochian which has rival claims. There were two Enochs in the ante-diluvian world, of which we know. Enoch the Sethite who walked with God and Enoch the Cainite, king of the eponymous city and master of mystery, magic and marvel. He, I believe, originated this language for the non-Sethite mystery schools.

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Mystery of the Deeps

I must be quick at present so I merely refer to the Montauk books and their comments on the feminine black stone in Islam; my original falling out with retardsman over Islam; and the Satanic verses advocating goddess worship.

Gathered quote

Wine is strong
The king is stronger
Women are strongest
Truth conquers
(adapted from the Book of Esdras)

What is the premise of the Arabian nights? The woman fooling the king.

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Video link

Part six of the Revision of Evidence assassination series.

Formerly PEHI

A link.

Formerly the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions, it is now the Institute for the Study of Globalisation and Covert Politics. Still just as insightful, though.

Seven, Nine

Not quite Christmas in Ethiopia yet, but it's the end of my Christmas break. The seventh of January, if you're wondering, is meant to be Christmas day to the Ethiopes. They're the ones with round Templar style churches, Hebrew Y chromosomes and the model Arks of the Covenant in their churches. Practice circumcision, too. Nimrod was from there, they say.

At some point recently I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager and saw a representation of Multiple Personality Disorder. The character seven of nine is played by Jeri Ryan, familiar to sci-fi buffs from 90s gangly-brain-monster-fest Dark Skies and more recently and famously as the pneumatic Seven from Voyager.

Her character, of course, had been suppressed since she was turned into a hive-mind controlled cyborg as a child. Analogies to TBMC are too bvious to mention.