Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Honeytrap: The Scandal

My usual series of observations on those things I find interesting in a book I've been reading, in this case Honeytrap: The Scandal, by Anthony Summers and Stpehen Dorrill. Dorrill, of course, also wrote MI6 and co-wrote Smear!.

EJ Dingwall parapsychologist, anti-feminist and famed author of The American Woman, get a mention due to his position as curator of the porn collection of Marquess Milford Haven, which may be sinister or may not.

Mariella Novotny, host of the infamous Man in the Mask party and supposed lover of JFK, was related none too distantly to the president of Communist Czechoslovakia, President Novotny. A most interesting character, her husband slash pimp claimed that she was a virgin when he found her due to her being terrified of sex, pursuant to some unspecified trauma during her family's flight from Communism. She was at a party with JFK when the host's girlfriend slashed her wrists. She was also smuggled out of America by the CIA after an arrest for prostitution.

Stephen Ward, whose cottage was exorcised because of the evil things that had taken place there, was allegedly close to Cardinal Montgomery - supposed lover of the short lived Pope John Paul I.

There is a witness account of naked women at an orgy bowing to a phallus in a ritualistic manner, "obviously done before".

Keeler was molested as a child.

William Shepherd MP wrote a letter to MacMillan about the immorality he perceived in the government, "one of these men [cabinet ministers] was involved with children".