Saturday, 22 August 2009

Levenda III

Levenda's Manson Secret

A few interesting facts (Woody Harrelson's dad confessing to shooting JFK while under arrest for the drug-related shooting of a federal judge).

A few basic errors (David Kelly taking a revolver into the woods).

A load of bullshit about induced (but not caused, because it's acausal) synchronicity and how Garrison's "coincidences piling on coincidences" were synchronicity, rather than conspiracy. Etc..

He obviously adheres to the left handed idea that the ego is part of the problem rather than solution, a conclusion I find surprising in view of his knowledge of depth psychology. Oddly he doesn't mention the Biblical mentionings, and those in Fraser, of the destruction of matter by contact with the divine. The divine, as he says, can also be sinister and is extremely dangerous for those who encounter it. In Fraser this is obvious, for example the proscription on pigs originating in the Egyptian belief they were divine. The Bible has the man whose thigh is withered while wrestling with an angle, and the times god appears in burning bushes and so forth because his actual appearance would destroy the witnesses. On page 211 he also mentions that a common occult technique has been tabu sexual practices for their own sake because the breaching of democratic and popular morals gives you powers, supposedly, some parallels there with the tabu breaking SRA practitioners. Nag Hammadi he favours, but it was a tip where obsolete scriptures were disposed of. Hence the almost identical Ethiopic Bible, with the addition of Jasher, Enoch and Jubilees, not Gnostic texts, despite their split from the Romans before Nicea.

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