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"The killer apparently was a young man who had stalked her previously. Stephen Morgan has been described as a troubled loner who had few, if any, friends. What his victim, Johanna Justin-Jinich had done to excite his enmity, no one seems to know. Her friends describe Justin-Jinich in glowing terms as smart, outgoing and caring. Her senseless death is a terrible tragedy for her family and loved ones."

I have no memory of this.

More fascinating insights here.


a couple of posts i made to craig murrays blog comments:

Ireland should suffer whatever fate its people decide.

Elections won't get any better just by making local ones more important. The best idea seems to me to be taking a leaf out of the book of those Greek inventors of democracy: election by lot. People should be chosen at random, rather than the most dishonest, greedy and ambitious being rewarded. That would make councils truly representative, and I have more faith in the average man's integrity than that of some power-mad party functionary.

Written constitutions won't restrain tyranny any more than an unwritten one. The failure isn't in our laws, but our inclination to enforce them. No wall of paper will protect our freedoms.

There's no point in an elected upper house. If one house is elected, there's no point in another. If PR is bad for the lower house, it's no better for the upper. If we're to stay bicameral at all we should have an upper house made up of representatives of notforprofit corporate organisations (such as unions, royal colleges, building societies, co-ops, charities, that sort of thing), similar to the original Soviets or the idea put forward and then discarded by Ramsay MacDonald.

Single Transferable Voting, on the other hand, I could get behind. For parliament, that is, the Commons. Why every four years, though? Why not every year, thereby eliminating the tendency for pols to play to populism in election years, also fulfilling the only unmet demand of the People's Charter of 1848.

Local tax is a bad idea. Good if you're in a rich area keeping all your money in your area, bad if you're in a poor area reliant on redistributive taxation. Don't replace council tax with local income tax, replace it with a national income tax rise. Extend the NI threshold upwards, too. Put taxes up on petrol and down on diesel, while we're on the subject. Up on spirits, down on beer. Up on the rich, down on the poor (that 10% rate would be a good thing to bring back). Up on income, down on consumption.

Protection for the obviously falsely accused in the form of juries to decide on warrant issuing might not be a bad idea, either.

Natural monopolies should be renationalised, too. No point allowing a bunch of thieving gits to keep robbing the elderly with their profiteering gas bills and the tax payer with their train subsides (and the environment with their leaky water mains).

In the aftermath of his humiliating defeat at the polls after the war, Churchill limited the amount of money any individual could donate to his Tories. £500, I believe. This was to encourage his local constituency parties to go out on the streets and find new members and new donors rather than relying on a few rich people to prop them up.

Worked, too. In '51 he got back in.

As for the inequities of party politics, it may not be the ideal system but it is the least bad. A state with no formal parties simply becomes a state with one informal party, a one-non-party state like Jersey.

Monday, 25 May 2009

coincidence theory part two

That "meritocracy" was invented by a satirist, the same man who wrote the 1945 Labour election manifesto as a youthful idealist, and that the word was then adopted by the modern political class as a five-syllable model for a perfect society just shows that many a true word has been spoken in jest.

And no doubt the fact that the modern American fundamentalist dominionists want to bring about the apocalypse is unrelated to this also being the stated aim of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. Indeed it merely shows that the devils designs ultimately leads into God's hands, rather than showing that the elites on boths sides of the religious divide have common aims.

There can certainly be no conceivable link between the fanatical right wing politics of John G Schmitz and the sexual predations of his daughter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, upon her male student. Nor, indeed, upon his purported abuse of her. No doubt it's also a conincidence that both father and daughter molested their students while working as teachers, in his case whilst he was a congressman. his much-vaunted commitment to family values is the only explanation for the involvement he took in the raising of the family he had by his German mistress, and certainly in was an unfortunate accident that the son he had by her was nearly castrated in an "accident" in the home, it would be churlish to bring his history of child sex abuse into the terrible suffering his some was unfortunate enough to suffer. The abilities of such a man to raise children can hardly be doubted, as one of his sons was special assistant to Ed Meese during the Promis scandal, went on the be INspector General at the pentagon when it was discovered that several trillion dollars was mysteriously missing and later went off to run Blackwater Security. No doubt the lad's attachment to Baron von Steuban, the notorious gay freemason, just shows his love of the history of his country's military while he worked for it. His younger brother offers even more evidence of a well-adjusted family, having worked for GHWB during Iran/contra and then being involved in the offical 9/11 investigation. Jeb Bush's marriage to Mark Kay's sister-in-law goes to show that one happy family knows another. John Schmitz refusing custody of his two youngest children when their mother died just goes to show that even a dedicated parent can only deal with so many children. It's just lucky the mother was so friendly with Jeanne Dixon, who could psychically nourish them. As for his sexually mutilated child, well that the cause of his condition is so similar to that in "Hair of the Alien" shows that this is an occupational hazard of sleeping, and the hair being tied in a square knot and apparently intentionally place just goes to show that the human mind can find limitless patterns in nature.

No doubt, in the after math of the burning of Luton Town Hall by demobbed soldiers and the over throw of the Russian state the arrival of English troops to deal with the strikes on Clydeside rather than use local troops was simply due to the fatigue of the Scots troops after their heroic actions against the Kaiser.

The fact that the 7/7 attacks happened simultaneously with a drill launched by a private company run by former Met anti-terrorist cop Peter Powers, even down to the simulated and actual attacks being at the same tube stations, just shows that exercises really are useful in preparing for attacks. The fact that the 9/11 attacks also happened simultaneously with a simulated multiple hijacking in the same area just goes to show that coincidences happen.

That a man currently known as Mujahid Menepta provided materials or accomodation for the world trade centre attack in '93, the OKC bombing in '95 and the 9/11 attack in 2001, all while working as an FBI informant, just goes to show that the sort of people who spy on and grass up criminals to policing agencies are all too trusting.

That the woman who accused George Bush of rape soon came over all dead, like, before the case came to court just goes to show that someone deluded enough to think that George Bush would commit a crime must be a danger to herself and others. That Barry Seal, supposedly once the world's biggest dealer in illicit drugs, was purportedly killed after trying to blackmail George Bush with a video of him unloading drugs just shows that dealing with drug cartels is a dangerous business.

That Rush Limbaugh failed a medical to serve in Vietnam just shows that chance can deal a patriot a cruel blow in stopping him serving his country. And only chance could be responsible for such a man acquiring an anal cyst.

The Iqra bookshop which supposedly radicalised the 7/7 plotters employing a former SBS officer shows that even the armed forces aren't immune to the cancer of fundamentalism. That Iqra received funding which came from BBC Children in Need shows that well-intentioned people can be conned by criminals.

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Wither Consultancy

I believe firmly that there was a fourth series of the BBC Radio 4 series The Consultants, although all internet sources from wiki pedia to bittorrent indicate only three series. My memories of it are definite: there was a musical bit about a detective called Chicken Brown, another about cosmonauts, specifically the sending of trained animals into space and Gagarin being sent up to feed them. There was a song at the beginning of one episode about their change of theme tune, presumably the first episode. There was a series of clips from the consultants supposed musical archive representing Victorian jaunts, starting with introducing their club as being "up Kirstie Alley" and "across Sally Fields" and so forth, and culminating in the Queen having her guards drag them away, after Chesney's pun-filled explanation. The scene ends with them in dungeons and one of them asking another to sooth them with one of his witty bon mots. Something unwitty is said and the others say "get him".

If I imagined this I'm more creative than I thought.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

coincidence theory part one

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that every American military action since the second world war have been targeted at sources or major transhipment points on the global narcotics traderoutes (golden triangle/Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kosovo/Montenegro, etc.).

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the photographer hired for the day by the police heard kids screaming in Dutroux's cellar but the policeman with him claimed it was kids outside and refused to investigate. Perhaps it's just coincidence that the policeman in charge of the search forbade any of his subordinates to accompany him into the cellar.

Perhap's it's just a coincidence that the police never analysed the DNA in over two dozen hair samples obtained from Dutroux's cellar after the bodies were found, which may have helped prove the defence's case that there was a paedophile conspiracy. After all, as the police pointed out, as there was no conspiracy there was no point in analysing the samples.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Colonia Dignidad, which was used as a torture chamber by the US-backed Pinochet dictatorship, received mysterious envelopes full of cash from foreign countries. Perhap's it's a coincidence that they were set up by a pervy priest on the run from the law. Who used to be in the SS. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Chilean Congress has had a high-profile paedophile scandal in recent times.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the founder of modern feminist goddess-"history", Marija Gimbutas, was a student of a Nazi ethnologist and that her theology of feminism clearly owes it's origins to a butchered version of Ariosophy with patriarchal Kurgans taking the place of the Jews as the destroyers of civlisation. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she left her homeland whent he Nazis were chased out by the communists and followed the path of the Nazi emigre networks and Operation Paperclip to America.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the FBI agent tasked with investigating the assassination of Orlando Letellier, the Chilean democrat, was dating Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of modern feminism, for no less than nine years. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she worked as a CIA agent provocateur in European youth congresses. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she and her ilk have spent several decades spewing "victim feminism", following the stated goals of the "Quartered Man" campaign in Chile, to terrify people into submission. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she has been rumoured to be the victim of mind control.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Leo Strauss claimed America needed enemies to bring it together and that the current holder of that role, ObL, was long an American intelligence asset in Central Asia. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the CIA has long run the global drug trade and that Mohammad Atta was a major cocaine user.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that members of right-wing youth groups were sent to reconnoitre supermarkets that were later the targets of the so-called Brabant massacres, apparently conducted by the Belgian Gladio.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Mohammad Atta's girlfriend was a stripper in a club used to sexually entrap and blackmail prominent local public figures, which is a known hobby of intelligence agencies everywhere, while her drug-addled pork eating stripper fucking fundamentalist boyfriend was preparing to unleash terror on the world.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that while paedophiles were operating on Jersey, including hiring out young children for "pleasure cruises" on the yachts of the island's imfamous superrich, child protection agencies all over the mainland were recruiting from the Channel Islands and illegally sending children to homes on the islands. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the first ever minister for Children in the UK was in charge of child protection in Islington during its own paedophile scandal, during which she refused to listen to complaints made to her.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that satanist MI5 operative Tony Blair lived
in Islington at the time.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Lenin was able to pass through war-time Germany to get to his appointment with destiny. Perhaps it's a coincidence that he was reported at the time in Petrograd to be receiving money from the British Embassy, perhaps also that Trotsky was living with Mike Mitchell-Hedges, the finded of the Skull of Doom, whilst the latter was acting as social catamite to JP Morgan. Perhaps also that Lenin was living with the gnomes of Zurich is Switzerland and that Hitler was a military intelligence operative origianlly sent to spy on the NSDAP as a threat to National Security.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that fairy lands and UFO bases are often underground and that the Rites of Eleusis and the satanic rites connected with the Son of Sam cult were practiced underground.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that it was psychiatrists who were the first to sterilise "inferiors" in America and to execute them in germany. Also to run the mind control programmes in America that grew out of German war atrocities.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Hitler claimed to have invaded Czeckslovakia to save its people from Tyranny.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the only thing stolen in the raid on the house of Pinon was the tape of his wife's confession to organising orgies for the Belgian upper class. Perhaps it's a coincidence that five days after the taping the wife of a Dr. Corckaert, implicated in the tape, was found dead of "suicide". Perhaps it's a coincidence that the judge who denied Pinon custody, despite this tape, was later implicated in the orgies and in having children delivered to his house from care homes by Christine Doret, another orgiast, who also implicated Prince Albert, Mathot, vanden Boeynants and Beaurir.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that modern ritual murders have a penchant for decapitation, as the ancient Celts liked to decapitate their enemies and as Bran the Blessed had his head carried by his followers after his death.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that James Shelby Downard claims to have been implanted long before the supposed rise of mind control technotrons and that Jose Delgado looks much younger than he should do in the footage of his famous bull-baiting.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Franklin Credit Union was being looted, used for paedophile recruitment and laundering money for the Contras all at the same time. Perhaps it's a coincidence that this coincided witht he White House call boy scandal and that at least one young man claims to have been involved in both, along with the dissapearance of Gosch. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the last two presidents of America, preceding Coconut, have been implicated directly in drug running, and the one before that in Nazi money laundering, the kennedy/Castro assassination efforts and so forth. Perhaps it's a coincidence that "that Bay of Pigs thing" was codenamed Zapata, the name of the elder bush's oil company, and that all his planes and boats ended up being called Barbara. Perhaps it's a coincidence that four Presidents or future presidents were in Dallas 20/11/63 or the two days surrounding the event, JFK, LBJ, Nixon and Bush 1. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the heads of the House and Senate oversight commitees were meeting the man who sent the hijackers $100,000 on the morning of 9/11, while Bush 1 was meeting a bin Laden, although no the bin Laden, at the Carlyle group.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the same judge was sacked from both the Dutroux and Cools cases.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Moro was killed "by the Communists" when he was about to let the Communists have a share of power. And that the Socialists left their coalition with the Communists after they were handed money by Calvi. And that the current head of state in Italy was on the P2 list. And that all those doors were left open between the head of P2's cell and the outside world. And that the major US assassinations of the 60s, the death of Moro and of Palme, the ousting of Wilson, all were directed against enemies of the CIA despite their supposedly unlinked nature.

Perhaps it's a conincidence that Olaf Palme appeared on a Chilean DINA hit list before his death.

Perhaps it's a coincdence that the son of sam cult and the Process worshipped Hitler and the dual sig-rune.

Perhaps also that Baron de Bonvoison funded the neo-fascist FdJ and was in the circle of orgiasts revealed by both Pinon and the X-dossiers.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the leader of another apparent Belgian gladio front, the Westland New Post, commited suicide after complaining to the police of death threats apparently related to the Pinon case.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Kemal Christian Kemal had his daughter taken from him by two US marshalls and put on a plane back to France, where he claimed the mother was in a devil-worshipping paedophiliac cult, despite having been granted political asylum by a US judge, I believe the only time the US has given asylum tyo a Frenchman.

Perhaps it's only coincidence that the Pinon file was rumoured to be a right-wing list of victims of political blackmail due to their sexual peccadillos and that the Kincora Boy's Home and Bryn Alyn care home scandals were based on the same thing, and that the foreign ministries of the world have long had a history of providing, and then filming, "hospitality".

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Nazi Altmann/Barbie provided heavies for the Cocaine coup.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Belgian Eurosystems, who were involved in a scandal due to providing billions of francs in bribes and a ring of call girls called Tuna to Saudi princes to secure a deal, involved a host of names from the FdJ and the Pinon file, such as Bonvoisin, Prince Albertt and vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Fourez and Dewit claimed to have a copy of a tape being used for blackmail, a tape of the ballet roses, when they were killed by the gladio in the Brabant massacres. Perhaps also that Dewit worked for an intimate of vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the term narcopederastas links drugs and pederasty so well.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that John Carr, of the son of sam killings, favoured underage girls and was known as Wheaties, while the son of sam letters refer to a John Wheaties, rapist and torturer of young girls.

Perhaps Andre le Troquer, president of the French Senate in 1958, went to those "ballets roses" because he liked dancing.

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Comments on Arthur and the lost Kingdoms

I fundamentally disagree with the central tenets of Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms, but it's good to read something provocative every now and again. It's never reassuring, though, to come across a book with so many factual errors, one that even a layman like myself can spot.

Some of them are matters of interpretation or emphasis, others are things the author has picked up somewhere although there's no evidence to support them. The claim, for example, that the first people into Britain after the ice age were Aryans, Indo-Europeans, if you will. However he dates the end of the ice age in Southern Scotland to 7000BC (I wouldn't do so, but forget that), a time long before the group known as the Indo-Europeans started their diffusion. The first arrival of the Aryans probably doesn't predate 2000BC when they're known to have been involved in the building of the Shang dynasty in China and the Hittite Empire, the fall of Harrapa and Mohenjo Daro and the enclosure of the Basques and the rise of the Achaeans. The original European race was earlier and spoke a non-Aryan language, they were split by the Aryan inroads into the Pelasgians, Basques, Etruscans, the "Old Peoples" of the Hebrides the author mentions when commenting on the Barbarian Conspiracy.

The next thing I disapprove of, a matter of emphasis, is that he claims chromosomal studies show the genetic continuity of the British population from pre-Celtic times to the present day. This is based on the assumption that the Welsh have the same Chromosomes as the pre- Celtic peoples. Only a time-travelling geneticist could tell that, I'm afraid. Besides the mDNA and Y chromosome tests meant by this, similar to those which found the Falashas to be real Jews, show the English and the Welsh to be noticably different genetically, with greater similarities in those areas closer to the Welsh border. That evidence shows that most of the genetic material is Anglo-Saxon, not Welsh, and most by a very large margin in the east of the country. Many of the parts of the country tested were also badly chosen in my view, but don't get me started on that. He;s following the Frances Pryor fashionable error. I miss the days when reputable historians talked about volkerwanderungs. On the same subject he claims names similar to the Welsh self-name cumbyrig, such as Cumberton, show that common people were still Welsh in these areas. I think he's ignoring the fact that the vast majority of place names are English. The few Welsh names don't indicate a sea of Welshmen with a few English incomers but a few ghettoes of Welshmen in now-English territory. These were places like Exeter, Wroxeter, the second participle of whose names are derived from -saetan, and Old English term meaning an area of Welsh population under a loose English political suzerainity.

Not mentioned in the book was the seven boroughs, but i'd still like to point out that I don't believe the historians viewpoint that the Seven are the Five and York and Norfolk. I think it's far more likely the other two are Northampton and Bedford. These were similar to the Five in form of government, in that they were part of Mercia rather than having their own earls, and that they were ruled largely by popular assemblies called armies.

He goes into the ancient name Albion, derived from the latin of a Roman traveller but doesn't mention that the name Britain is evil older and mentioned by Pytheas.

Patrick was from Dumnonia in the West Country, not Rheged.

Y Gddoddin wasn't the first vernacular work in a European language.

King Mark, of Tristan and Isolde, wasn't a Scot. Inscriptions of his name have been found in the West Country.

Like the black nationalists, they are, claiming Cleopatra and Shakespear and so on were black.

Devon in the south east, Angles west of rheged, he has a shaky sense of geography.

English is the language in Scotland rather than Welsh although the Welsh of the south were conquered by Gaelic Alba, largely because a hefty chunk of the population of Souothern Scotland, Lothian in particular is descended from Anglians which occupied the area up to Edinburgh (English suffix) and beyond. As late as the 11th century Lothian was English and Cumbria Scottish.

Scots, he says, celebrate celtic victories over England, in sport and that, which he implies is some sort of Celtic solidarity based on common ancestry and culture (although as I say he claims the English are really nothing more than Welsh and the lowland Scots are really English, as I've pointed out). Really they celebrate any foreign victory over England, mourning for example the 2002 footballing defeat of England by Argentina (which was against us in the Falkland war fought to defend some Scots sheep farmers.

On the whole he's very provincial, obsessed with the area around his Scottish home town. Like the anti-diffusionists, he just looks at one area but it wasn't that simple. The Saxons were fighting in France on the Rhone while the Welsh were fighting Saxons and Picts.

The garrison in Britain was not the biggest in the Empire, not as big as that in Illyricum, Germany or Pannonia.

He spends most of his time trying to downplay the strength of post-Roman southern Britain. Vortigern, it's ruler, too. However he mentions a force of Saxons planted on the Wall of Hadrian which he seems to think was hired by the lowland Scots ro replace soldiers lost to Cunedda's mission to Wales. However the force was planted south of the Wall, and in that same place arose the kingdom of Bernice, one of the earliest Saxon kingdoms. Their position makes it more likely they were planted as a northern defence for Vortigern's lands rather than support for the men of the north. Their presence in the time of Germanus' visit, in alliance with the Picts no less, also shows that their presence pre-dated the Vortigern plantations. The Romans had a long tradition of hiring barbarians to fight their battles and guard their frontiers. Given their early appearance if they were hired by the northerners they had evidently gone for foreign help long before Vortigern had needed to, which doesn't seem much for the strength of the men of the north. It shows the strength of Vortigern that his reponsibilities stretch so far north.

Cunedda, Vortigern, Riothamus, Arthur, all more likely to be honorifics that proper names. Perhaps two or more of the above were the same person.

Tintagel mediterranean finds show the south was nice and romanised long after the north had largely reverted.

The men of the north were never known, as far as I can tell, mistakenly as the men of north wales. This wouldn't make sense. He claims this came to be believed when the northern welsh-speakers were forgotten and the Welsh welsh-speakers took the stories for themselves, but their were independent welsh-speaking kingdoms in the north into the eleventh century long after the Arthur legend was supposedly translated to Wales.

He's also pro-Pelagus and misrepresents the Theology to support the heresiarchs.

Our author also blames the Saxon-pict allliance on Vortigern, although it was decades before Vortigern's saxons arrived and very probably before Vortigern even took power. Even at that time his evidence for lack of central government in the south is very weak, in that it basically amounts to a visiting bishop not mention Vortigern (who may not have been around yet, as I say), and the Bishop (who had a prestigious roman military record behind him) being offered command of the army. He seems to disregard the fact that an army could be called together under a united command at a single location in the first place.

At that time the most likely authority was the old romanvprovincial council who would probably have been glad to have an experienced military man to lead their forces, especially a man of the cloth and the Romanitas. The appearance of a native army also shows that the supposed lack of military tradition in the
south is a fiction as it was from the local population that the roman military was recruited, and later from hereditary legionary families. There were over 30,000 Roman soldiers in Britannia, after all (assuming four standard legions and a normal complement of auxilia, the author claims 25,000). He also goes in for the
honorius letter supposedly rejecting a british plea for help, although this supposed reply is the only evidence anywhere for such a plea. It's more likely he was just acknowledging a fait accompli by the British gaining their independence, a contemporary history showing that following the Barbarian conspiracy locals in Britain got together to defend themselves and boot out the Roman governors and that the Gauls followed suit. The Romans were just admitting defeat and a loss of access and reach to this far isle. That history is quoted in the book itself, if you're looking for a citation. Zosimus, it is, and contemporary ishis term. Zosimus clearly refers to the expulsion of the Roman government by the local populace, but the authot insists on thinking of it as a collapse of central government after the Romans had pulled out.

My considered opinion is that Arthur could have come fron anywhere, other than Sarmatia, and that the Saxons allied with the Picts were brough over by the Romans to man the Wall. They went on the found Bernice and a tyrant called Vortigern eventually seized some power and invited Saxons to Kent as he couldn't trust his own subjects to obey him. Then came Arthur, from somewhere.

Perhaps a crisis, such as that of 443, brought Vorti to power.

He also claims the country was rapidly emptying of people, but not long after continental historians would be describing the country as so full that both Welsh and Saxon were leaving for France in large numbers. That only changed when the Romans evicted the Saxons from their Rhonish strongholds.

Earliest reference to Arthur is made in Y Gododdin, but it could hardly be anywhere else as hardly anything else survives from that time. Many things named after him everywhere, but this isn't made evidence that he was from somewhere other then Scotland.

Aesc from northern britain, more evidence of Saxons in the north before the south.

No missionary activity amongst the english by the welsh, he points out, although there was amongst the Picts and Scots. Does this mayhap indicate a greater enmity twixt Angle and Cymru? He argues that the real enemy was always the PIcts.

He thinks the word Tor is Gaelic, Q-Celtic, and proves Gaelic incomers in the Lothian area. I believe it's English and is certainly very popular in Derbyshire, Mam Tor, for example.

He believes rivers were chosen as battle sites by Arthur so he could easily outflank infantry enemies. Firstly, you fight where the enemy are, secondly rivers make good frontiers, thirdly rivers make good lines of advance for transmarine raiders like the Saxons and Picts, contrary to his suggestion the Saxons didn't commonly advance along Roman roads. Lastly the reason not to get caught near a river is that you might be caught with only part of your force across the water, as happened to the Norse at Stamford Bridge. Also, the Nennius battle list needs to associate battles with places and rivers happen to be good landmarks. So I don't think the preponderance of riverine battle names in the list is evidence of cavalry warfare.

That brings me to Nennius' battle list. He's almost got me convicend that the city of the Legion is York, I admit, but he's far too convinced of it. The rest, though, are rubbish. I read it a bit ago but for Mount Agned he hasno explanation so he finds an obscure manuscript that puts something more palatable in its place. He also decides Linnuis must be in Scotland because the river Dubglas must be Douglas, although he can't find a Linnuis while he criticises those who place it in Lindsey (Linnuis) because theyy can't find a Dubglas.

That'll do.

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Ultimate Evil

Some thoughts on Maury Terry's The Ultimate Evil

The son of sam letter: the supposed rejuvenating powers of blood are mentioned; "fair game" is mentioned, a Scientology tie-in; wemon, women/demons.

p151 - stolen heads and a severed head found behind Berkowitz's house.

p154 - Berkowitz linked to a spree killer called "Cowan", according to Downard a Masonic term meaning an outsider with dangerous knowledge, or a builder of dry-stone walling.

p176 - founder of the Process Church of the Final Judgement, infamous Satanic spin-off from the Church of Scientology, says "release the fiend that lies dormant within you for he is strong and ruthless and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty", Hyde to your Jekyll, the right-brain of the bicameral mind, the id, and so forth. Hitlers terrifying "new man", "satan is fear", he says, which is the little death.

The Jehovah/Luciferian split in the Process symbolic of the internal split between ego and id, right and left brain, etc..

Manson in prison, although this isn't mentioned in the book, was audited by Scientologists while in prison. The Process, of course, was a breakaway group from the Co$. Ron was a possible intelligence asset. Manson begged to be put into solitary confinement to keep the Scientologists away from him. Ron was, of course, in a devil cult (which he later claimed to have destroyed on behalf of the government, rather than disrupted by running of with the leader's money and woman). According to Ron Jr. Ron continued using aborted babies in satanic rites long after the foundation of Scientology, although this statement was
later recanted under duress. According to "L Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman" Hubbard raped at least one of the stable of pre-pubescent girls he kept around himself, known as "Messengers".

Hirschman was found dead with "Brother Tom" tattooed upon himself, which reminded me of the child-sex-abuse film "My Brother Tom".

Mansson, of course, was the original family name of Charles Lindbergh.

Alsace-Lorraine is the original home of the Alsatians, also known as German Shepherds, which were a favourite satanical offering. Alsace was also the home of the Strict Observance lodge of Masons and of the double-cross and supposedly the Montauk Alsace-Lorraine Time Archives.

Westchester Dartman, a personage going around the area of the Son of Sam cult's HQ shooting people with little metal darts. This preceded slightly the .44 caliber killings attributed to the Son of Sam. The DC Sniper of more recent times was also, according to the Fortean Times, preceded by a series of dart-shootings.

DA Gold, one of those responsible for accepting Berkowitz's "confession" turned out to be a paedophile, as did several other members of the cult. Drugs and porn, especially child porn and snuffs, seem to have been major revenue streams for the group, as they always have been for intelligence groups such as that behind Mo Atta.

Crowley: "After five years of folly and weakness, miscalled politeness, tact, discretion, care for the feeling of others, I am weary of it. I say today: the hell with Christianity, Rationalism, Buddhism, all the lumber of the centuries. I bring you a positive and primaeval fact, Magick by name; and with this I will build me a new Heaven and a new Earth. I want none of your faint approval or faint dispraise; I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong."

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some random musings of james shelby downards carnivals of life and death

The man had, he said, a closed forskin, which he bloodily cut from himsrlf at a tender age. This is a coincidence.

Bell, one of the villains of the piece, he points out was from Edinburgh, he doesn't mention that it's famous for it's giant masonic cemetaries, and the midget graves found in Arthur's seat, the hill upon which the castle sits. These graves are mentioned in one of the Fort books, can't remember which or where.

Decapitation of sorcerors - Jayne Mansfield was in a car with one of her fellow disciples of Anton Szandor La Vey when they were in an accident and the driver somewhat lost his head.

The pharmakos, he says, was rolled down the side of a mountain and if lucky enough to survive was allowed ot wander away. That reminds me of an incident in my childhood when I was innocently cycling down the side of a hill only to find that my breaks had been cut. Luckily my head and some sharp rock broke my fall.

Found with the dayton witch: rice-burroughs mars books. Slightly incongruous, the musty calf-hide bound mystical tomes and the most modern of sci-fi (at the time). Hwoever this area, at that time, included HP Lovecraft, Arthur Machen and elrond Hubbard.

Some of his unfortunate experiences involved a Texas place called Brownsville. This place later became famous as home of the Brownsville/Matamoros death cults.

Interracial Klan sex. Only to be expected. The lef thand path is all about breaking taboos, especially sex taboos. Not surprising the Klan thought of interracial sex as taboo.

Cable voices. How do CB radio transmissions get picked up by cable TV?

William Cobbett said a house with a pig in the garden is a happy home. He certainly found this to be the case as the sacred beasts (according to the Egyptians, see "The Golden Bough" by Frazer) repeatedly saved him from masonic rhapscallions.

He also mentions a four pi-style dog sacrifice.

He mentions an odd gun, a rifle, he was shown. It had a narrow barrel, he said, but a breach for a large caliber bullet. These guns are made to provide the charge of a large caliber bullet and thus to fire a small caliber bullet at very high speeds with great accuracy over long distances. I've only prev iously heard of them being hand made for the Israeli special services and other highly specialist customers.

Friday, 8 May 2009

old quotes

This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.
-- Nye Bevan, Daily Herald, 25 May 1945