Tuesday, 19 May 2009

coincidence theory part one

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that every American military action since the second world war have been targeted at sources or major transhipment points on the global narcotics traderoutes (golden triangle/Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kosovo/Montenegro, etc.).

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the photographer hired for the day by the police heard kids screaming in Dutroux's cellar but the policeman with him claimed it was kids outside and refused to investigate. Perhaps it's just coincidence that the policeman in charge of the search forbade any of his subordinates to accompany him into the cellar.

Perhap's it's just a coincidence that the police never analysed the DNA in over two dozen hair samples obtained from Dutroux's cellar after the bodies were found, which may have helped prove the defence's case that there was a paedophile conspiracy. After all, as the police pointed out, as there was no conspiracy there was no point in analysing the samples.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Colonia Dignidad, which was used as a torture chamber by the US-backed Pinochet dictatorship, received mysterious envelopes full of cash from foreign countries. Perhap's it's a coincidence that they were set up by a pervy priest on the run from the law. Who used to be in the SS. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Chilean Congress has had a high-profile paedophile scandal in recent times.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the founder of modern feminist goddess-"history", Marija Gimbutas, was a student of a Nazi ethnologist and that her theology of feminism clearly owes it's origins to a butchered version of Ariosophy with patriarchal Kurgans taking the place of the Jews as the destroyers of civlisation. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she left her homeland whent he Nazis were chased out by the communists and followed the path of the Nazi emigre networks and Operation Paperclip to America.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the FBI agent tasked with investigating the assassination of Orlando Letellier, the Chilean democrat, was dating Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of modern feminism, for no less than nine years. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she worked as a CIA agent provocateur in European youth congresses. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she and her ilk have spent several decades spewing "victim feminism", following the stated goals of the "Quartered Man" campaign in Chile, to terrify people into submission. Perhaps it's a coincidence that she has been rumoured to be the victim of mind control.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Leo Strauss claimed America needed enemies to bring it together and that the current holder of that role, ObL, was long an American intelligence asset in Central Asia. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the CIA has long run the global drug trade and that Mohammad Atta was a major cocaine user.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that members of right-wing youth groups were sent to reconnoitre supermarkets that were later the targets of the so-called Brabant massacres, apparently conducted by the Belgian Gladio.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Mohammad Atta's girlfriend was a stripper in a club used to sexually entrap and blackmail prominent local public figures, which is a known hobby of intelligence agencies everywhere, while her drug-addled pork eating stripper fucking fundamentalist boyfriend was preparing to unleash terror on the world.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that while paedophiles were operating on Jersey, including hiring out young children for "pleasure cruises" on the yachts of the island's imfamous superrich, child protection agencies all over the mainland were recruiting from the Channel Islands and illegally sending children to homes on the islands. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the first ever minister for Children in the UK was in charge of child protection in Islington during its own paedophile scandal, during which she refused to listen to complaints made to her.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that satanist MI5 operative Tony Blair lived
in Islington at the time.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Lenin was able to pass through war-time Germany to get to his appointment with destiny. Perhaps it's a coincidence that he was reported at the time in Petrograd to be receiving money from the British Embassy, perhaps also that Trotsky was living with Mike Mitchell-Hedges, the finded of the Skull of Doom, whilst the latter was acting as social catamite to JP Morgan. Perhaps also that Lenin was living with the gnomes of Zurich is Switzerland and that Hitler was a military intelligence operative origianlly sent to spy on the NSDAP as a threat to National Security.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that fairy lands and UFO bases are often underground and that the Rites of Eleusis and the satanic rites connected with the Son of Sam cult were practiced underground.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that it was psychiatrists who were the first to sterilise "inferiors" in America and to execute them in germany. Also to run the mind control programmes in America that grew out of German war atrocities.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that Hitler claimed to have invaded Czeckslovakia to save its people from Tyranny.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the only thing stolen in the raid on the house of Pinon was the tape of his wife's confession to organising orgies for the Belgian upper class. Perhaps it's a coincidence that five days after the taping the wife of a Dr. Corckaert, implicated in the tape, was found dead of "suicide". Perhaps it's a coincidence that the judge who denied Pinon custody, despite this tape, was later implicated in the orgies and in having children delivered to his house from care homes by Christine Doret, another orgiast, who also implicated Prince Albert, Mathot, vanden Boeynants and Beaurir.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that modern ritual murders have a penchant for decapitation, as the ancient Celts liked to decapitate their enemies and as Bran the Blessed had his head carried by his followers after his death.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence that James Shelby Downard claims to have been implanted long before the supposed rise of mind control technotrons and that Jose Delgado looks much younger than he should do in the footage of his famous bull-baiting.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Franklin Credit Union was being looted, used for paedophile recruitment and laundering money for the Contras all at the same time. Perhaps it's a coincidence that this coincided witht he White House call boy scandal and that at least one young man claims to have been involved in both, along with the dissapearance of Gosch. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the last two presidents of America, preceding Coconut, have been implicated directly in drug running, and the one before that in Nazi money laundering, the kennedy/Castro assassination efforts and so forth. Perhaps it's a coincidence that "that Bay of Pigs thing" was codenamed Zapata, the name of the elder bush's oil company, and that all his planes and boats ended up being called Barbara. Perhaps it's a coincidence that four Presidents or future presidents were in Dallas 20/11/63 or the two days surrounding the event, JFK, LBJ, Nixon and Bush 1. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the heads of the House and Senate oversight commitees were meeting the man who sent the hijackers $100,000 on the morning of 9/11, while Bush 1 was meeting a bin Laden, although no the bin Laden, at the Carlyle group.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the same judge was sacked from both the Dutroux and Cools cases.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Moro was killed "by the Communists" when he was about to let the Communists have a share of power. And that the Socialists left their coalition with the Communists after they were handed money by Calvi. And that the current head of state in Italy was on the P2 list. And that all those doors were left open between the head of P2's cell and the outside world. And that the major US assassinations of the 60s, the death of Moro and of Palme, the ousting of Wilson, all were directed against enemies of the CIA despite their supposedly unlinked nature.

Perhaps it's a conincidence that Olaf Palme appeared on a Chilean DINA hit list before his death.

Perhaps it's a coincdence that the son of sam cult and the Process worshipped Hitler and the dual sig-rune.

Perhaps also that Baron de Bonvoison funded the neo-fascist FdJ and was in the circle of orgiasts revealed by both Pinon and the X-dossiers.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the leader of another apparent Belgian gladio front, the Westland New Post, commited suicide after complaining to the police of death threats apparently related to the Pinon case.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Kemal Christian Kemal had his daughter taken from him by two US marshalls and put on a plane back to France, where he claimed the mother was in a devil-worshipping paedophiliac cult, despite having been granted political asylum by a US judge, I believe the only time the US has given asylum tyo a Frenchman.

Perhaps it's only coincidence that the Pinon file was rumoured to be a right-wing list of victims of political blackmail due to their sexual peccadillos and that the Kincora Boy's Home and Bryn Alyn care home scandals were based on the same thing, and that the foreign ministries of the world have long had a history of providing, and then filming, "hospitality".

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Nazi Altmann/Barbie provided heavies for the Cocaine coup.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Belgian Eurosystems, who were involved in a scandal due to providing billions of francs in bribes and a ring of call girls called Tuna to Saudi princes to secure a deal, involved a host of names from the FdJ and the Pinon file, such as Bonvoisin, Prince Albertt and vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that Fourez and Dewit claimed to have a copy of a tape being used for blackmail, a tape of the ballet roses, when they were killed by the gladio in the Brabant massacres. Perhaps also that Dewit worked for an intimate of vanden Boeynants.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the term narcopederastas links drugs and pederasty so well.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that John Carr, of the son of sam killings, favoured underage girls and was known as Wheaties, while the son of sam letters refer to a John Wheaties, rapist and torturer of young girls.

Perhaps Andre le Troquer, president of the French Senate in 1958, went to those "ballets roses" because he liked dancing.

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