Friday, 2 January 2009

Seven, Nine

Not quite Christmas in Ethiopia yet, but it's the end of my Christmas break. The seventh of January, if you're wondering, is meant to be Christmas day to the Ethiopes. They're the ones with round Templar style churches, Hebrew Y chromosomes and the model Arks of the Covenant in their churches. Practice circumcision, too. Nimrod was from there, they say.

At some point recently I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager and saw a representation of Multiple Personality Disorder. The character seven of nine is played by Jeri Ryan, familiar to sci-fi buffs from 90s gangly-brain-monster-fest Dark Skies and more recently and famously as the pneumatic Seven from Voyager.

Her character, of course, had been suppressed since she was turned into a hive-mind controlled cyborg as a child. Analogies to TBMC are too bvious to mention.

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