Monday, 5 January 2009

Vega has attracted the interest of the retard. A former pole star. Brings to mind Lovecraft's northern sentinel being bewitched into sleep by the star of the north, allowing his ice bound civilisation to fall to the yellow hordes. Not that I'm into that sort of thing.

Last night I found myself watching Louis Theroux on Dave. The one where he went looking for aliens. Lyra, that.

A book called Unspeak, which I was expecting to be quite good, isn't as good as you'd think. Unspeak, he claims, is a way of framing a debate by using loaded words, security fence carrying suburban and pacific images of picket fences and security against evil intruders, for example. A very pro-Israeli construction. However he does the same thing himself. With the air of a sceptic of the breed who claims scepticism will still be right when the aliens arrive as they will then change their minds he challenges the readers to spot his own Unspeak, and I have done. He uses "she" as the gender neutral pronoun. "Her", also. An abuse of the English language, the only function of which is to exult the feminine.

Following from the Seven of Nine MPD episode of Star Trek Voyager I have remembered an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation in whccih Data, the android (or mind-control-victim-avatar, according to Springmeier) is taken over by the records, and personalities, of an ancient civilisation which eventually turns him into a sun goddess and the Enterprise into a temple. The scenario is ended when Picard takes the masculine part of the moon-god and completes the ritual with the sun-queen, banishing her. All the people in Data were throughly terrified of her, certainly.

To continue a rather eclectic post, Clement Attlee was the last properly bald Prime Minister. I often hear no such person could be elected in the present day. Baldness, of course, is masculine and caused by high testosterone levels. He was also the best Prime Minister this country ever had, although slightly anti-semitic and eventually totally exhausted by the role.

A final swerve into other matters. I was reading "The Secrets of the Lost Races" by Rene Noorbergen and was pleasantly surprised to see that he seems to be some form of mad creationist, like myself, but without Atlantis. He does believe in the ancient nuclear wars, though. I have wondered, therefore, whether the language known as Enochian was originally the Cainite language. Hebrew, I think, was the primal language, certainly more so than Enochian which has rival claims. There were two Enochs in the ante-diluvian world, of which we know. Enoch the Sethite who walked with God and Enoch the Cainite, king of the eponymous city and master of mystery, magic and marvel. He, I believe, originated this language for the non-Sethite mystery schools.

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