Saturday, 17 January 2009


A reply to aangirfan:

4: The exodus is in fact well established. Egyptian records only refer to the Jews as having been wiped out by Pharoahs armies. Believe them if you want. During the Eighteenth dynasty rule of Akhenaton one of the foreign-policy issues he refused to face was the collapse of the Egyptian empire in the middle east, including a letter he received in Akhetaten from one of his governors about attacks from a people called the HBR or Hibiru. Scholars arbitrarily deny these are the Hebrews. See Secrets of Lost Races by Rene Noorbergen.

6: History is also quite clear on the fate of the Jews after 70AD. Jerusalem was razed and replaced by a Roman colonia. A large number of Jews were exiled but there were still enough for two more major rebellions in the next century.

Also, he doesn't mention the Ethiopian Jews, the Falashas.

The Palestinians arrived later, the so-called sea-peoples of the Nineteenth dynasty contained a group called Pelest by the Egyptians and this is probably them, they're not the Punic Canaanites.

Also the Punics themselves are claimed by Herodotus to have originated on the Red Sea coast of Arabia, not in their later Mediterranean haunts.

This isn't meant as a moral judgement on who deserves the land. White men arrived in Cape Colony before blacks (the original inhabitants being the now near-extinct Khoi-san bushmen), South Africa is still under majority rule.

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