Thursday, 1 October 2009


9/12 pigeon diana strobe gladio

So says my notes. This is what I have to work with when I come to expand my thoughs. That and the title of the file the notes are in, here "shock".

Well, shock is The Shock Doctrine, although the notes were inspired by a passing reference in a TV programme and the memories of my long ago reading of the book.

MY exact thoughts on the matter escape me for the moment, but a few things are obvious and the linking principle is obvious too.

Gladio, the long international terror campaign by supposedly democratic western governments to terrify their populations into submission and restrict the range of acceptable opinions. diana and strobe, the purported method of that woman's death when her driver may have been traumatised and tereby entraced by the very bright flash of light fired into his eyes by covert operatives on a motorbike driving in front, in a move first used by the Stasi. 9/12 the post-apocalyptic 9/12 project which I have vaguely heard of, evidently run by fox news in a cynical move the constantly evoke the post-disaster panic that was naturally prevalent in most of their viewers at the time, thereby also invoking a child-like and suggestible mindset in those viewers.

Not sure about the pigeon, but as the thread linking the rest is trauma-induced suggestibility I think it's most likely to refer to a story my memory is insisting I once heard about pigeons falling out of the sky after being put into a trauma induced trance by very loud noises.

So there we have it, another note elucidated.

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