Thursday, 1 October 2009

ghosts of mars

There is a film called ghosts of mars, featuring brain-dead pseudo-cockney action movie personage Jason Statham and former shape-shifting alien killer slut Natasha Henstridge as a pair of soldiers in a female dominated future martian society. I only mention it because it has formerly been suggested to me than John Carpenter's other movie, They Live, in which aliens take over the earth (although "maybe they've always been here") and attempt to wipe out those who see through their psychotronic materialistic delusions before being foiled by a pair of commando-killing construction workers who are then killed by a woman they had recruited as help but who was actually an infiltrator for the alienists and the human power elite, was a metaphor for the feminist subversion of civilised society. Never believed that myself, by someone may find it interesting.

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