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coincy-dink theorismalisationarialising part four

Coincidences may be just happenstance, or cosmic synchronicities, or, as Garrison said, that when coincidence piles on coincidence in a case, he knows he's looking at the evidence of an intelligence operation.

My breaks, upon my little bmx that I rode lo, those many years ago, were cut on the side of a hill, when I was but young. A bit of a puzzle, in fact, because there was nothing that could have cut them and, as anyone who has tried will know, cutting the break cables on a push bike isn't easily done. Obviously the intelligence services wouldn't have any interest in me, but conspiracies can be found closer to home too. I'm not suggesting, though, that I was intended as a Downardian pharmakos, although I've remarked before on the similarities of our lives.

9/11, which is to say 11/9/01, was the new Ethiop millenium. The Ethiopics have a peripheral but enigmatic role in history, home of Prester john, claimed home of the Ark of the Covenant and so forth. Obviously it was also the anniversary of the killing of that nice Mr Allende, not to mention the laying of the first stone of the Pentagon and the Bush I NWO speech and various other things.

The men who stare at goats - goats, that is, who were sacrificed to save solders. Through their use in medical training, admittedly, but still, another pharmakos perhaps.

Himmler's great chair redirects on wiki to a partially related article which never mentions the chair (which is currently on sale, it would seem). Not 100% sure what it's doing on this list, to be honest.

voynich kircher. Don't know what they means, but it sounds promising, doesn't it? Should have put a bit more on these notes. Athanasius and Meredith Kircher, probably.

A little thing, but there are caves under neith, a place in Wales, which have been linked to the Shaver mystery. The coincidence here being that the word is essentially "underneath". I believe Neath was also some sort of goddess of the underworld. Meh.

Buzz Aldrin was famously a 33rd degree Mason - Downard claimed one of the main aims of occultist Masonry was to bring prima materia to prima terra, which he interprets as the retrieval of moon rocks to the earth.

The ancients said the atlantic was blocked to shipping with mud, and that the land on the far side (America) worshipped Saturn. A veritable temple land for the usurped one. Not quite satan, but when one considers that Set, acknowledged to be etymologically and theologically related to Sathan/Satan, was also portrayed in the earliest Egyptian texts as the former ruler usurped by Horus (and at least one early dynasty Pharoah followed Set rather than Horus) it seems that they may be related more than just sounding similar. Of course Christianity doesn't portray Satan as usurped by God, but I dare say if the tale was told by the devil that's pretty much how it would sound. And americas destiny according to hall, of course. The special destiny. And why not, a land specially consecrated to the vengeful spectre of the filth of unholyness.

Mercury, the metal, is reportedly used in the transmutation of matter (Not the first, Andrew Tomas), the manufacture of hypothetical (or suppressed) room-temperature super-conductors and the manfuacture, according the ancient vedic texts, of vimanas (and according to those who claim to know, of alien space craft, see Alien Base by timothy Good which retails a claim that mercury and balsa wood will make you a nice interplanetary space craft.

The names Robin and Jack. Robin used for Goodfellow, Hood, and of course the caped crusaders masked companion, played in the TV series by notorious sex maniac Burt Ward. Jack used for Springheeled and The Ripper Jacks, not the mention as a synonym for a whore, the name of a porn mag (now defunct) and as another word for apprentice, a masonic rank, as in Jack of all trades. Oh, and there's a Jack in the deck of cards, one in each suit, the cards having an occultic origin.

Nottingham, supposedly for I don't believe this to be true, has six women for every man (according to news reports joking about the arrival of the footballer Sol Campbell, forgetting their former specualtions as to his sexuality). Used to be said to be five, when I was young. Senellocu, place of the caves, was the Welsh name for it back when there were Welshmen in these parts.

drew thornton 9/11/85. Another 9/11. "Company" man killed on this day.

Remember to tell yourself paedophiles don't run the world and this isn't a "paedophocracy". Malachi Martin, before his inevitable death, claimed the Vatican was secretly run by a "superforce", as he called it, of crooks who number amongst their perversions and criminal acts, paedophilia. I can believe the Vatican is behind paedophilia. Not so sure about the secretly part, mind. Malachi Martin, of course, was famous as an exorcist. Looking at Hopsciker's "big fix" we also find paedo vote fixing, with one of those dodgy vote-counting companies America is so fond of being run by a kiddie fiddler.

Tate, of manson family fame, dinner with rfk just before death and sirhan/manson cell sharing their specially made cell. Not at the same time, of course.

oswald landlady ruth paine and the 9/11 landlords - no-one follows the old dictum of following the money. An army marches on its stomach, but a covert op needs covert premises and logistical support.

The first US/Soviet co-production for the cinema was a version of Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird, a story with mind control connotations, quite apart from the CIA having run a MK Project Blue Bird and Oswald having frequented a club called Bluebird. Another matter: Oswald was reputedly put into a behavioural modification centre during his time in Minsk. Perhaps The Blue Bird wasn't the only US/Soviet co-production.

trust in letters pages revealed by polls and dispatches reveal corruption of those pages by PRers.

911 domain names bought before 911, if i remember rightly.

delgado bull exp earlier than thought

tino de angelis - just like 9/11 those with knowledge in advance sought to make a profit on it. Not though psychotronic technology but throught the perfectly standard technique of the "bust out", as frequently chronicled by the illustrious Hopsicker.

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