Saturday, 20 June 2009

coincidence theory part three

I suppose it's a coincidence...

That Scientology was founded by a satanist cultist and the Process Church spin-off openly worshipped satan.

That Michael Carr was a Scientologist, and that Charles Manson claimed to be a clear.

That Charles P Lindbergh, who killed his own child, was originally Charles Mansson.

That L Ron Hubbard was eventually shown to have an impotence problem after he'd been accused of raping a young girl who claimed he couldn't achieve an erection during the act.

That de Sade, Crowley and Hitler, amongst countless others, fused occultism with Social Darwinism.

That the women who claimed George W Bush had raped her died before the case could come to trial.

That Clinton was in charge of the Mena drugs for guns shipment point and later went on the be president. That Clinton visited Bilderberg just before being put into office, as did Blair and Carter.

That a slave sat on alexander the great's babylonian throne during the saturnalia, perhaps as a traditional attempt for the killing of the king to be deflected onto the king for the day, the slave.

That saturn, satan and set have such remarkably similar names. And that the first two were victims of overthrow (Zeus and Horus) and the third a revolutionary.

That Hubbard, Manson and a basketful of serial killers spent time in a mental hospital.

That Ewan and Marjorie were both called Cameron. Not to mention Duncan.

That Cameron's students ended up in the South American Condor torture system, in paraguay amongst other place, where the secret police chief was a murderer, paedophile and serial killer. (See "At the tomb of the inflatable pig".)

That the Nazi higher orders were in the Order of the Black Stone, the villains in the Thirty Nine Steps by WWI intelligence propagandist John Buchan were in the SchwartzStein (Black Stone) and that the Kaaba is a glorification of a black stone.

That within six months of the defection of Oswald to the Soviet Union, he being a former radar operator at the U2's base, the U2 of Gary Powers was shot down, something commonly believed to have been part of a CIA plot to destabilise peace talks between Eisenhower and Kruschev.

That Oswald, supposed killer of a president, Ferrie the paedophile and Seal the drug smuggler were all in a CAP unit together. That film showing Ferrie and Oswald together at a Lake Ponchartrain training camp for anti-Castro Cubans was stolen from the US Congress.

That Seal and Ferrie both had photographic memories, a common characteristic of Monarch mind-slaves.

That the Catholic Blairs went through a rebirthing ceremony at Xtul in Mexico.

That the CIA MK documents specifically wanted mind control to make people torture proof by partitioning their memory, using Taiwan as an example of somewhere they might be tortured, and that Candy Jones reports this exact thing happening to her (reported before the documents were released). That both John Marks and Candy Jones document the use of childhood imaginary friends to produce alters.

That one of the whores involved in the Profumo affairs went on the jointly found the Process Church of the Final Judgement.

That Charles Manson spent part of his youth at Boys' Town.

That the "falsely accused" witch Joan of Arc worked closely with her fellow soldier of France Gilles de Retz, also known for his conviction as a devil worshipper and for the search of his castle turning up several dozen child-corpses.

That "chuck norris!", is not only a foreign policy but a teacher of karate next door to the McMartin school.

That, according to Cathy O'Brien Dick Cheney had an oversized penis and according to Kola Boof, so does Osama bin Laden.

That the finder of the Crystal Skull, Mitchell-Hedges, and the founder of the Red Army, Trotsky, were both playing catamite to wall street bankers at the same time and were briefly room-mates.

That Hitler shared a wet nurse with a psychic called Schneider.

That Hitler was an informant for German intelligence sent to infiltrate the Nazis, as most modern Islamists seem to be spies.

That the Germans have cultivated Islamist intelligence ties for quite some time, the Kaiser having claimed to be Muslim to the Arab world, the Muslim Brotherhood having been aided by the Nazis and the Hamburg cell of Atta.

That the US invented the term "al-Qaeda" (according to the late Foreign Scretary it means, as is known, "the base", and refers to a CIA database of their Arab-Afghan agents). That it is also slang for toilet and that arabs didn't start using it until the american media blitz post-9/11.

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