Saturday, 5 December 2009

human lard and body part usage in the cosmetics industry

A story from the most recent Fortean Times: a group captured in Peru killing people to harvest their body fat, supposedly to sell it for $9000 a litre on the international black market. FT understandably focus on the, perhaps more likely, idea that it is the survival of pre-Columbian practices of human sacrifice. Could be, but consider the other occasions the cosmetics industry has taken part in symbolical or actual human sacrifice.

There is, for example, Skin Medica, Oprah's face skin which incorporates foreskin fibroblasts. Taken from the circumcised boy children found in America.

There is also the practice related in the "Stem Cell Swindle" documentary by the BBC, where a Ukrainian maternity hospital was telling mothers their children had died, when the fact was that the doctors had killed them and harvested their bone marrow so that stem cells could be extracted and put into the faces of wealthy wrinklies at dodgy Caribean clinics. The EU investigation found a mass grave of the dismembered children.

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