Saturday, 20 December 2008

Taleban encircle Kabul - Socialist Worker

Dear Socialist Worker:

Ttaleban to encircle kabul, your recent headline claims. Hardly surprising. The people of Afghanistan have received nother but pain at the hands of the forces of democracy, turning to the Taleban is the logical course of action.

People tend to focus on the beheadings and the forced beards and so forth, but the Taleban came to power as the most popular and progressive force in Afghanistan after the mujahideen had fulfilled their proxy function for the CIA of eliminating the communists.

The Taleban started as a religious community group who reacted when their local warlords took to the kidnapping of children to re-fill their harems. Perhaps this opposition to paedophilia, combined with their stamping out of the drug trade in 2001, was the ultimate reason for their eviction by the Americans.

It's no coincidence that American military interventions are always on the sources or supply lines of major commodities, most notably oil. Iraq easily fits into this picture but by 2001 estimates of future Caspian oil production were already low enough to preclude the trans-Afghan pipeline as a reason for war. However the American intelligence agencies have long been reliant on drug trafficking and couldn't allow the Taleban to cut off this source of revenue, especially not after setting up the gangster narco-state of Kosovo to keep it going. Drugs are just as important as oil to the mechanisms of global control.

As for the anti-paedophile interventions, that certainly wouldn't make them popular with the powers behind the headline "Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIP's with Reagan, Bush" or the Jersey abuse, with it's links to Hodge and Blair.

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