Saturday, 20 December 2008

Stop the G2o in London - An open letter to the Socialist Worker

I saw a headline in the Socialist Worker - "Stop the G2o in London". The article, rather short, simply said we should do so and that they'll be there in April.

Dear Socialist Worker:

re: "Stop the G20 in London"

This is typical of one of the problems of the movement, particularly inappropriate to an organisation formerly calling itself the International Socialists.

Stopping the G2o won't get us anywhere. The G2o are a decoy. At the same time of year the Bilderberg group will be meeting, although as of yet I can't say where. Perhaps not somewhere as local as London.

This group, which puts the lie to the elite-fostered seperation of journalism, business and politics or between one nation and another will go ahead with no scrutiny from the media or the global movement that should oppose them.

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