Friday, 19 December 2008

Richard S Shaver quote

Somebody does go round and turn off the faucet. It is the flase phone call to the editor, commanding him in the name of panic to cease and desist from all such dabbling in the non-consequential erotica of UTO reports...because they are under governmental ban..or words to that effect. I don't think ANY of these phone calls actuall source in the US government but that all of them are false.
The US of A will not survive this newspaper failure to report the new properly...will not survive this failure to see a deady enemy behind the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst and the similar mind-control phenomena pervading all these horrible murders and kidnapping and raping of our society.
Our country is in far greater peril from "occult" crime than it is from "organized" crime...because the crimes of the sadist madmen seems to have no rhyme or reason behind them DOES NOT make them un-important phenomena. That "organised" crime has a profit motive while tha sadist murders do not seems to have a similar profit motive does not necessarily place them in totally separate categories.
Both are a mad take-over of the mind of man, in fact.
The MO is different, is all.
What damn-kind mankind will get out of it all is concentration camps and zombi-like SS troops marching on the sybnagogues and churches...marching on the simple good-natured society of the well-meaning humans and wiping them out all over again.

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