Monday, 22 December 2008

Rule of Law

Why was Speedy de Menezes killed? I've heard a few theories, but they don't make sense.

There's no evidence he was involved in 7/7, for example, although the electrical overload stuff isn't without basis, and he was an electrician. That's not enough to link him to it, though. Maybe he knew too much and had to be silenced, but there's no real reason to think so. Nothing marks him out as a potential sacrifice and it wasn't an accident, the surveillance officers confirmed he was the man they were after.

I wish I could find, but I can't, something Craig Murray recently wrote about the former harsh treatment of juries.

Most of our legal institutions are to defend men from the tyranus of the executive, or were. Not just juries but coroners too, which are meant to see to it there are no lies told by Power as to how people died. It doesn't always work, of course. Hence the three inquests into the death of Roberto Calvi.

The judge in the Menezes inquest is a corrupt and foolish coward. Other innocent victims of the police have found similar situations. The man shot in his bed after the police smashed down the wrong door. The Scotsman, I forget his name, who was shot because he was supposedly an armed Irish terrorist rather than a Scot with a chair leg in a bag. At his inquest the police brought across some American chap, turns out it often happens in America that people who seem, according to witnesses and physical evidence, to have been shot from behind with no warning were actually shot in self-defence. Sot hat's alright, then.

Like Speedy they were libelled and blamed for their own deaths.

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