Friday, 19 December 2008

Inquest into "Speedy" de Menezes

Quotes from the Socialist Worker:

"I heard them say 'This is definitely our man'"
-- Charlie 2, one of the firearms officers who shot Jean Charles de Menezes claiming that surveillance officers identified Jean Charles as a target

"There was no identification from grey [surveillance] team at any time."
-- Ken, a surveillance officer

"Did officer Charlie 12 shout the words 'armed police' at Mr de Menezes before firing?"
-- Coroner's question to the jury

-- The jury's answer

"[Cressida Dick] said he shouldn't be allowed to get on the train, and I think the words she used was 'at all costs'."
-- Detective Superintendant Mark Lewindon, officer in Scotland Yard control room

"No, I did not, sir."
-- Deputy Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick responding to a direct question at the inquest asking if she had said that Jean Charles should not be allowed to get on the train.

"What we have learnt from the accounts of the tragic events that days reminds us all of th extremely demanding circumstances under which the police work to protect us from further terrorist attack"
-- Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, defending the police after the verdict

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