Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bab-a-lon 5

I found myself watching the second series of Babylon 5 today and noticed some thing I didn't the last time I saw it, many years ago when I was no more awake than anyone else.

Firstly a nice scene with G'Kar going on about weapons of mass destruction which wouldn't have meant anything at the time, but does a bit.

Secondly the "sleeper" programme of Psi Corp, designed to make agents with sleeper personalities. Supposed to be drugged and brainwashed, then left with their normal personalities until triggered by a code word which eliminates the cover personality and replaces it with the real, covert personality which has been spying.

Going back to Primeval, they've been showing it again on ITV2 and I've had a chance to take some mind-shattering screen caps:

That's the woman who ends up becoming someone entirely different due to interference in the past. I'll try to get the ruby slippers pic when that episode's on.

That's the two female characters with faces shown in shards of glass, as seen at the start of every episode.

From the start of the last episode, "previously" in the previous episode. Big slivers of glass coming down from the skies.

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